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Vertical Ray of The Sun CD

Looking for the soundtrack of Vietnamese film : Vertical Ray of The Sun (A La Vertical De L'Ete). original only. Please contact me if you can help. As far as I know this soundtrack CD was released only in France.


baalgehenna, October 2, 2004; 4:22 PM


Hello Godwin,

Go to

and click on the button on the left. There you will find your CD for Euro 16,61 plus shipping

ton.werkman, October 2, 2004; 5:36 PM

Hi Ton, thanks for the prompt posting and cheers for the link my friend! - Godwin

baalgehenna, October 2, 2004; 5:40 PM

did you receive my e-mail Retawdab?

greeted baalgehenna

no i did not see your e-mail

retawdab, October 4, 2004; 10:19 AM

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