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"So Close" Original Motion Sountrack (Taiwan)

I've already responded to two other topics on this matter (On this forum), but I'm going to try a slightly different approach:

As the other users who participated in the other dicussions revolving this soundtrack ("So Close" Original Motion Soundtrack [2002]) have already realized, it is seemingly next to impossible to find online, even on eBay. So, if anyone has this soundtrack/willing to sell or knows where I can purchase this soundtrack, e-mail me.

Second, finding an English-language mp3 site that legally distributes mp3 files to the "So Close" sountrack is difficult as well since this soundtrack was not released in the states and because most of the legal mp3 sites I've been to require that you sign up first (Pay first, search later) before you can look for mp3 files. So,
if anyone knows where I can legally download this soundtrack, e-mail me.

Lastly, if anyone can read Taiwanese/Chinese or has any Taiwanese connections or, please let me know or introduce me to them as that may help out more than randomly looking through websites. Thanks for your time and effort.

1. You (Radio Version)
2. Under Attack
3. Mysterious Lady
4. Assassin
5. You're On The Run (Radio Version)
6. Partners In Action
7. What Kind Of Love Story
8. Love Somebody (Part 2)
9. Personne n'aime pas (Original Version)
10. I Am An Assassin (Part 1)
11. The Tricks
12. Run For Your Life
13. I Will Be Fine (Original Version)
14. Spring
15. You (Guitar Instrumental)
16. Les yeux sans visage (Special Edit)
17. I Love You Sister
18. Let's Do It
19. Close To You (Radio Version)
20. Hand In Hand
21. Revende
22. I Will Be Fine (Special Edit)

, October 28, 2004; 7:36 AM

Answers had the soundtrack under the Sony TW label, though I just assumed TW meant it was made/distributed there. Never thought about looking for the soundtrack on a Japanese website as the movie is not that well-known, or at least to my knowledge. Anyways, thanks for your help, pointer8858.

, October 29, 2004; 5:01 PM

i have this So Close score :)

not a score so E.Z. to get that's for sure but not impossible.

mrscore2, November 6, 2004; 12:44 AM


mrscore2, November 16, 2004; 4:43 AM

Does anyone know where the above tracklisting came from? If so, could you let me know the web site? Thank you.

Augurisisu, February 11, 2006; 8:26 AM

As at 19.52 on 26 June 2006, someone is selling this soundtrack on Ebay Taiwan... it's very hard to manouvre yourself around this site as all the text is not supported within english browsers ! This seller is using the Buy it now option at 25.00 !! which is a little expensive for the (JAPANESE EDITION) plus postage costs on top.... I bought mine from HMV in Japan, though the postage was very expensive ! Still looking for the Taiwan edition though - if anyone can help, I'd be greatful.

gessle2, June 26, 2006; 8:56 PM

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