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Coors light song

I've been looking for a song that I heard on a Coors light commercial. It has a very addicting chorus, "Oh, Oh...Oh,Oh...everybody can's the can can can..... the can can can....." It has been driving me crazy. Please help me out by: who is the artist? name of the soundtrack?

Any help that u guys could give me would be VERY appreciated.


, November 20, 2004; 6:01 AM


I think that it's called "Rocky Mountain Oysters."

More info here:

American_Nightmare, November 21, 2004; 2:02 AM

I don't know if you've found the song you're looking for yet (I'm posting almost a year after you asked), but if you haven't, the song is called "Because We Can" and it's by Fatboy Slim. You can find it on the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack.

, October 15, 2005; 3:13 AM

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