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LOOKER by Barry de Vorzon

I am looking for the soundtrack to Looker(1981) by Barry de Vorzon. I read that it was put out on Lp though I've never seen it. Thanks!

jrdchs90, February 2, 2005; 6:10 PM


I have a vinyl EP of a vocal piece from the film arranged and conducted by Barry DeVorzon produced as some sort of promo for the film.

Other than that I'm not aware of a soundtrack release.

, February 2, 2005; 8:48 PM

There is a promotional 12 inch 45 rpm LP containing two identical versions of the theme song, with music by Barry De Vorzon and performed by Sue Saad. There is a "standard" 7 inch 45 rpm single as well. Both recordings were pressed by A&M Records.

cameronfennell, February 2, 2005; 11:19 PM

Oh my,

That score would be something I'd love to get my ears upon as well...

Also, The Exorcist III has some very nice audio textures in it...


blinddoc, February 3, 2005; 3:35 AM

This will probably be the closest you'll ever come to hearing the score:

Also a fan of the score & film, figured I'd compose my own version of the theme.


rakinik, April 2, 2005; 9:02 PM

Kim Carnes - "Looker" (album is "Voyeur").


, September 20, 2005; 7:31 AM

Thank YOu Radnick... for the MP3 OF iF lOOKS COULD KILL FROM LOOKER.....How did you get that to mp3// you have made my day.... I have been waititng for this que for a long long time...

Pleae respond when you can

thank you again

rkohlbeck383, April 1, 2006; 5:06 AM

I have the LOOKER by Kim Carnes and I'm looking for the Sue Saad's almost as hard as tracking down music from Fright Night part 2!

nostracorvus, July 17, 2006; 5:00 AM


After all this time I've found it! WOOHOO!!!!

nostracorvus, July 19, 2006; 7:55 PM

Nostracorvus -- where did you find it? I'd love to get this. Thanks.

caroff, July 20, 2006; 1:50 AM

Here's the Sue Saad Looker theme for download. Now everyone who is 35 years old and saw this movie on HBO when they were a kid can re-live it on their i-pod.

I miss the 80's

anatjust, April 9, 2008; 6:26 PM

I have the Sue Saad version of "Looker." It can be downloaded from me on IMESH.

yellowblackcat2000, May 6, 2008; 12:05 AM

Okay...I have a copy of the song "Looker." What I am now interested in is ANY kind of cope of the B-side song, "High Wire." It is IMPOSSIBLE to find and I'm hoping that someone can help. An MP-3 of the song would be awesome, or even a digital cope (made with a microphone.) I REALLY want this song. Haha.

You can email me at:

Please and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


mmmmamalikey, May 30, 2008; 11:18 PM

I went to Imesh to find Looker, but couldn't find it can you help. Paul

paulleeleblanc, March 10, 2010; 11:09 PM


I can not thank you enough for posting the link to the mp3 to the original version of "Looker", by Su Saad from the film Looker. Thanks a million. I have looking for this song forever. Thanks!

** Now I need the score... I know that will be another mission impossible...

For others searching for this song just scan down to Anajust's comment.


werewolfby9t, September 25, 2010; 8:33 PM

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