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Capitol Hi-'Q' production music

Hi, I recently purchased a large collection of 1960s Capitol Hi-'Q' (Reel L series) LPs, I would like to know if they were released without a cover, cause I only got them with paper sleeve's. Lovely music on these!

m.sandberg, May 15, 2006; 5:49 PM


Yes, they look like that, but I wanted to know if they were released with a proper LP cover, I only have them in paper inner sleeve, sorry if I was unclear

m.sandberg, May 15, 2006; 7:24 PM

Capitol Hi-Q were not released in with fancy jackets, just what now looks like 12" record sleeves with open faced label areas. Media Music on Capitol released their editions with covers. But Robert Hall, New World, Hi-Q, and Valentino/Major usually had only bare minimum sleeves. Still, I'm sure the music is great, and soundtrack collector is now letting collectors log in their library records. Please note, Russ Meyer was a big fan of the Hi-Q library, and Beyond the Valley of The Dolls has some Hi-Q music that people would wet their panties for. Listen carefully!

neelnkizmiaz, May 16, 2006; 12:53 PM

Thanks a lot for your answer! Do you also know if the original sleeve had some sort of print on them? I bought these for a bargain price (57 LPs for $25 (+ $75 ship to Sweden)) Most are in NM shape, and when listening I must say that most tracks are really nice, and some are incredible! The Hi-'Q' series seem rare, there are not many references on the Internet. I am a collector and appreciator of low budget horror and sci-fi films, and was hoping to find the source for the music found in movies like Night of the living dead for example, but nothing yet, except perhaps for one. Still have 40 to listen too though...

m.sandberg, May 16, 2006; 6:37 PM

Was it at eBay where you purchased these?

serifiot, May 16, 2006; 10:12 PM

Yes, strangely enough it was.

m.sandberg, May 16, 2006; 10:50 PM

Great buy!

serifiot, May 16, 2006; 11:23 PM

They did not come with sleeves , like I said. They were only in paper sleeves or what's not referred to as 12" black or colored jackets. These could have been re-issued with colored sleeves, yet there is no recorded document that confirm this. Congrats and now what does this music sound like?

neelnkizmiaz, May 21, 2006; 1:23 PM

Congrats, Magnus. I have been looking for the Hi-Q L series for a long time (it has cartoon scores I've wanted to get) and have never been able to find it.


bj651, October 13, 2006; 4:26 AM

I have been working For Geordie Hormel for the past 4 years doing archival and
restoration work on his old recordings. He was the owner of
Zephyr Records at the time of the HI-Q library was created. His contibution to the library
consisted of 16 of the Lp's we
believe. All his Q's begin with the track # and then ZR. We have Lp's in D, L, M, S and X
Reel libraries. These Lp's are almost all in perfect condition, with the exception of 1 so far,
a bit dirty and warped, but dirt washes off and a heavy arm can play through a warp.This
stuff is grand! I can't imagine the effort that went into creating these Q's and I can't
imagine anyone in this day and age taking the time, effort and manpower to accomplish

iriegeorge, October 27, 2006; 4:18 PM

Good luck with the restoration, Irie. I'd jump at the chance to buy them. Hormel's stuff is great; one of my favourite Hormel cues is 4-ZR-48 (Fast Movement). I like Jack Shaindlin's stuff, too.

So, were these recorded for Zephyr and then licensed by Capitol, or did he write/produce/arrange them specifically for Capitol?


bj651, October 29, 2006; 5:06 AM

Geordie told me the story shortly after I began working for him, the details are a bit fuzzy
but something along the lines of ... while in the coast guard he met a gentleman, name I
cannot remember, and after a brief conversation, Geordie had told him of these themes
that he had written and before long they were sent to Sweden or Denmark or
somewhere like that and recorded and then sent on to Capitol, I am pretty sure it was at
the beginning of the Zephyr era, again most of the details elude my memory. We do still
have most all of his original scores from this project. Another very cool item I discovered
recently was scores written by JJ Johnson for a project he did with Geordie in the early
60's, just fresh compositions of standard jazz tunes of the time. We found and compiled a
CD of those tracks, it's an amazing CD, Geordie just singing with JJ's orchestration
backing him ... amazing stuff!

iriegeorge, November 16, 2006; 6:29 PM

to M.sandberg...

I have been searching for capitol-q forever, and wanted to ask a few questions off of the forum. Please email me


petrolene, February 5, 2007; 7:29 PM

to M.sandberg...

I have been searching for capitol-q forever, and wanted to ask a few questions off of the forum. Please email me


petrolene, February 5, 2007; 7:29 PM

Mr. Sandberg:

I've looked for a particular cut from this collection for some time. It's called THEME # 46 "Game of the Week March".

Is it available from you as a CD cut, MP3 or other audio online format?

Please advise how I may have a copy of that one track?

rgsheler, August 28, 2007; 9:18 PM

is 57 records the complete Capitol Hi-'Q' collection?
anyone know how many reel to reels the complete Capitol Hi-'Q' collection is?
great buy. i wish they would reissue this set in cd/mp3 form...

dearcheech, September 25, 2007; 3:30 AM

Hi, Just got online. I think that I know "Jim". A private collector shipped me some of that and I was listening to some by Harry Bluerstone and Emil Cadkin (familiar from the Augie Doggies).

Phil Green, Spencer Moore, Jack Shaindlin, David Buttolph, Jack Cookerly, Jack Belasco, Bill Loose and John Seely cuts were on those. This includes Green's nine cuts used on the 1996 Hanna Barbera (Rhino) LP.

I've always wondered what about Spencer Moore or a few of those others. I also wondered why Quick Draw shorts largely used different music than did OTHER HB series at the time (with some exceptions like a Quick Draw chase cue in the end of Yogi's short Space Bear, also heard in the Fractured Fairy Tale, UglyDuckling but usually only heard in the trilogy that made up the Quick Draw show and almost never in Yogi.

gcarras, November 20, 2007; 11:08 PM

In response toi"george, so THAT was what ZR meant,Zephyr records...interesting. I knew of those codes (Spencer Moore-L, Jack Shaindlin-F, Seely-Loose,TC, so forth) and also after the letter code mentioned an addition sub-breakdown number (ZR-53, ZR-100,etc.)

(Surprised no one has responded so far.)

gcarras, November 23, 2007; 11:57 PM

>is 57 records the complete Capitol Hi-'Q' collection?

There is much more to it than that. I've tracked down about half of the 130 D-series reels, which I would assume is 65 records. These are the "dramatic music" reels of the library which contain tracks to cult films like Night of the Living Dead and Hideous Sun Demon.

ichizero, January 4, 2008; 1:38 PM

This is actually a question . . . for iriegeorge. I am a fan of Geordie Hormel too. I had a wonderful progressive jazz album on the Zephyr label years ago. I wore it out and tossed it. Now I don't remember what the title of the album was but there weren't that many 12" Lps on that label. Do you know what it was so I can start looking for it by title?

smorris, May 8, 2008; 2:09 AM

Fascinating thread here. (This is my very first entry.) I was just now doing a websearch trying to find the very thing you people are talking about, only not remembering that it was called "High-Q". I'm a retired radio announcer, now a symphony orchestra musician. Many years ago I used to do a lot of radio spots using that glorious Capitol High-Q production library. I was hoping I might find it on CD's. I very greatly miss the old style of doing radio. I retired from the broadcasting business because it had become completely distasteful. The High-Q library and the type of spot production I used to do with it typified the wonder and beauty of the bygone days of American radio. Blessings to everyone on this thread. ~ The Wayniac

notmyworld44, June 17, 2009; 6:20 PM

Wayniac, my experience is one doesn't retire from the radio business. It retires you (or management does). My day will come.

No, the Hi-Q library isn't on CD. It's too bad, because it seems like there's a demand for it. From what I've read, the rights to some of the beds have reverted to the composers (such as the Hormel cues being discussed here) or have been snapped up by other production libraries.

I'm still on the prowl for a number of L series discs; I'd be interested in hearing some beds from the M series. I've never worked with the library.

bj651, June 27, 2009; 12:23 PM

In response smorris... sorry for so long in between, life... If you could give some idea of a title I may be able to get you answer. My personal favorite of the Zephyr collection is "Scooby Doo", Geordie had told us about it and I finally found the tapes and transfered it, FUN, modern jazz rock almost kinda thing for it's time, FUN...

iriegeorge, July 18, 2009; 2:44 AM

hi all, i love the Hi-Q recordings and would like to use some of the tracks in a fine art do i go about securing the permission to use some of the tracks? thanks.

avonbiehl, January 23, 2010; 5:53 AM

hello guys i'm new hear and i was wondering does anyone have the
lp disc where you can hear act one by ib glindemann because i have
looked all over and i can't find that song so please if there is
anybody have capitol production music and knows what disc it is
please tell me and thank you for listening

andrewdenic185, March 16, 2010; 10:26 AM

The most comprehensive compilation of the Capitol Hi-"Q" production music used in NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD is being released on CD, digitally restored from original library LPs and reels. Includes cues from William Loose-John Seely, Ib Glindemann, George Hormel, Spencer Moore, Emil Cadkin-Harry Bluestone, and more. Total time: 48:12

Ordering information available at and on Amazon:

forensics, June 5, 2010; 4:24 AM

I am searching everywhere for a copy of x-121 Dan Kirsten, or even a Media Music no. 5, can anyone help me??

My email is:

vertigomindwarp, June 24, 2010; 10:34 PM

Hello, all...
New member, and this is actually a question, so I hope I'm posting in the right place - At least I know it's on the page devoted to the Capitol Hi-Q production music library!
And I hope there are still members interested in this topic, as I've seen no posts since 2010!
Here goes...
I have been a fan of some of the very classy airline - and airliner manufacturer - promotional films made in the '50s and early '60s, with a special interest in finding out more about the production music tracks that were used in some of them. A Eureka! Moment occurred this weekend, as I finally determined that one of my favorite tracks just might have been from the Hi-Q Library.
That sent me on a search on Ebay, but before ordering any of these discs, I'd be more comfortable if I could somehow determine which tracks I am looking for (by title or at least disc/tape number.

Thus, if anyone is genuinely familiar with the content of the library - especially as regards music that could have been used in these airline/airliner promotional films, I'd greatly appreciate your being in touch.

Here is some information you might find useful in answering my question. One of the themes was used both in Lockheed's promotional fim on the Electra, the other in a Delta Airlines film promoting their new Convair 880. Both films are on You Tube.

If you are able to provide any help, please contact me at Once we establish contact, I could provide links to these films on YouTube.

Thanks so much!

emberphoto, September 20, 2015; 10:02 PM

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