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DuckTales Soundtrack?

I don't mean the title theme - I mean the other music in the episodes themselves. I really love the soundtrack, but I can't find it.

I heard the composer (Ron Jones - used to have some of the music on his website, but now it says Page not Found whe you click on Demo Reels -> MP3 Audio -> Duck Tales Suite -> Play.

Help please!

knobsub, June 18, 2006; 12:43 AM


I seem to remember hearing that a "Disney Afternoon" CD was released, but I can't find any information about it. I assume it would have music from DuckTales.

dstrohmeng, June 19, 2006; 12:50 AM

zuvqwyx3, June 19, 2006; 7:00 AM

Ask to Walt Disney Records.

I am a great lover of the ducktales's musics too. It's my dream to hear all these musics in CDs. I've wrote an e-mail for the composer of the ducktales's score(Ron Jones) sometime ago and he answered me. He told me that Disney detains the copyrights of the ducktales's score as publisher and counselled me to write a letter to Disney's music Dept. The problem is: I have not found no e-mail for contact on Disney's websites and since I am brazilian I can't register myself on Disney's websites from USA for having any sort of contact. But I imagine that you who lives in USA can have more access to Disney. So, you who lives in USA try writing at letter to Walt Disney Records for all of us who loves ducktales's score asking them to release the complete score of Ducktales in CDs. This is my suppliance.

doutorsavio, December 24, 2007; 11:51 AM

I am in the process of registering on the site myself and will send an email shortly. I too am
very passionate about seeing a release of Ducktales music. I was just watching the 5th episode
of the Golden Suns and that eps is a paragon of Ducktales musical greatness!

osurpless, February 21, 2008; 10:33 PM


Dear osurpless. You're right. But I'd say better.I'd say that all the five-part pilot episode "Treasure Of The Golden Suns" is one of the greatests patrimonys of the history of the humankind. And it's score, of course, principally. I hope I am expressing myself correctly because my english not always is comprehensible.
Well, sometime ago I've got having a message forwarded to the International office of the Walt Disney Records through one person from the Disney Interactive Studios called Zarouhi. In this message I have said the following:"I and the rest of the world wish that you from Disney release CDs of the ducktales's soundtrack composed by Ron Jones. We wish CDs with the complete score, I mean, CDs with all those musics that we hear during the ducktales's episodes. I said all. Please, do it for us. We'll pay for it".
I've received the following answer:"Per our head of Product Development, the music from Ducktales was never cleared for a record release -- we do not have rights to do so, and as this is a TV score from 15 years ago, it does not make financial sense to pursue at this time". So I was disappointed. But, see the following. They've told they haven't the rights over the ducktales's soundtrack, so, who has? And they've also told that the ducktales's soundtrack is a tv score from 15 years ago and that it does not make financial sense to pursue at this time, nevertheless, the Star Wars's soundtrack from the ancient trilogy has more than 15 years and it was released. So, what we can do?

doutorsavio, March 3, 2008; 10:06 AM

Steps to getting the Ducktales score

Savio, in regards to your "what can we do?" question, I'd suggest if we really want the score, we...

1) Find out who owns the OFFICIAL rights to it (which I don't understand why Disney wouldn't have it in the first place since Ducktales is an original DISNEY program). In syndication, though the show has been on several networks since its original run, Disney HAS NOT sold the rights to Ducktales or any Ducktales related material.

2) After we've tracked down the rights, we propose a release of the tracks to this "mystery company" not as a CD to be sold in stores, but as a comprehensive iTunes or iTunes-like MP3 listing of the tracks online. Our reasoning in doing so is that in today's market, news travels much faster online than in the real world, so every Ducktales blogger, website owner, YouTube-posting fan would be in on purchasing the individual songs from this list for .99 cents or so. To further our efforts, once we've located the company, we can forward them an online petition of fans who want the score and are willing to pay for it. (that should actually be step #1) It'll be hard work, but you have to get these people to see that there is a niche in the market for this. They're apparently looking for some big revenue from this release, so we have to show them numbers. (i.e. the petition) "They" (a.k.a DISNEY) know there's a demand for this 80's nostalgia that's been going around lately or they wouldn't have released Ducktales on DVD to begin with. So, again, I suggest we locate the source of who actually owns the copyrights, send them a nice letter with the business suggestions I've just provided & the petition, and see what happens next.

I use to think I was the only fan who acknowledged the magic that score provided. Like the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Thundercats, the Real Ghostbusters and many other cartoons of the 80's, the Ducktales score really captured the essense of those sentimental moments, mysteriously haunting moods, and tale spinning adventures. There was nothing better to epitomize the innocence of growing up in the 80's quite like this score, so my name is the first on the list! ;-)

drew1906, April 22, 2008; 11:14 AM

Let's work.

Dear Drew,
I apologize for I haven't answered soon, but my pc wasn't working, problems with the motherboard. Well, you ask if we really want the Ducktales's score..."YES", I really wish it crazily and if you wish it too I tell you: Let's join ourselves and work to make our dream reality. As yourself have said it'll be hard work but I am willing to fight for this until the end. But let's slow. My first hindrance is the idiom. To write a message like this I use to spend some hours and I have few time available. But don't deject because I won't deject. I'll reopen the conversation that I had with Zarouhi(one person from the Disney Interactive Studios) and ask him to forward a message to the International office of the Walt Disney Records, a message asking who owns the official rights over the ducktales's score. When I have the answer I'll post it here.
Here in Brazil we have a Ducktales's orkut community who has over than 4000 members. Maybe it isn't very much enough, but it's my first known target.
You have told that your name is the first on the list, so mine is the number zero, he, he, he!
Only for curiosity, which is one of your favorites musics from the ducktales's score? One of my favorites is the one of when Donald, Uncle Scrooge and Launchpad fly away from the Andes mountains on that fixed Golden Condor. That music heard when Launchpad fly mounted on that condor is also wonderful.

doutorsavio, May 11, 2008; 12:53 PM

I contacted Ron Jones myself about the lack of links on his site. He said it was down to Legal issues with the studios. He is building a new site which he says will be very cool. I took the opportunity to ask him about the Duck Tales soundtrack - this turned into a full blown interview. At a risk of being accused of spamming you can read the interview on my blogspot -

It would be really cool if we could petition Disney to release the soundtrack especially as the DVD's of the show are now available

Does anyone know how to set up on-line petitions?

crispy32, August 8, 2008; 8:55 AM

You can use to create a petition.

Petitioning Disney Records is no success-guaranteed thing but I strongly believe that perseverance and faith will be rewarded eventually. So we're also petitioning for the Lion King score!

The DuckTales score also deserves to be released.

sicronis, March 1, 2009; 12:50 AM

I especially love the action music when Scrooge gets the Golden Fleecing while the nephews distract the dragon. But each and every of those charming cues is a gem!

sicronis, March 1, 2009; 12:52 AM

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