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I need help with a song

Hello there. I am hoping that you can help me. I am looking for a song that is a oldie but goodies to me. But I have not heard it since I was a kid. I think it is called Take a slow boat to china. The lyrics are take a slow boat to china well I didn't think nothing could find you. Take a slow boat to anywhere away with you. All I know is that women sang it. I am thirty three now and I believe I was probably around thirteen when I used to listen to it. Can you please tell me who sang it. I believe it was considered a country song. My friends think I have made it up but I even know the tune. Please help. Thank you Mrs. Stacey Harvey

stacey411, September 5, 2006; 3:13 AM


one for Ton i think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anthonynputson, September 5, 2006; 10:44 AM

Take a look at;sql=17:1124672
and listen,have fun.

RVT.cinebxl, September 5, 2006; 3:47 PM

I am sorry you feel that way witht he person who just cussed at my question. I jsut needed help with a song and I thought people would be nice enough to help me. I did not mean to upset any one. But if someone knows the song can they please help me. The song was sung by woman not a man. Thank you

stacey411, September 5, 2006; 5:10 PM

"slow boat to china" is a blues/jazz tune, sung by many people/female jazz singers, as you can find within the link posted in the answer of user rvt.cinebxl. i have two versions of the song (one by ella fitzgerald, and one by dee dee bridgewater). unfortunately both don't have those text lines in the lyrics which you posted, so it's gotta be another song.

since it's got nothing to do with soundtracks, you won't find your answer here. maybe you google on, or refer to a lyrics blog or something like that, maybe there u'll find some help. wish you good luck...

mister_gs, September 5, 2006; 8:14 PM

Hello Stacey. The name of the group who sang the song you're looking for is THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR. They were a contemporary country group with amazing harmony. But in the song, "Slow Boat to China," I think they were singing about a girl who was being told by her friends to leave the man she was seeing because he wasn't good for her. I think the lyrics went something like "They told me take a slow boat to China. Well, I did and baby, nothing could be finer. I'll take a slow boat to anywhere away from you."
They only released a few albums and were gone before you knew it. You can probably get "Slow Boat" on Ebay if you want. If you want a little more info, go to....


ironman4ever, March 3, 2007; 4:04 PM

Hey stacey, I found a live version at

rdturner, July 20, 2008; 7:19 PM

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