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Nicholas and Alexandra "Too beautiful to last"

I have been looking for this title for almost thirty years.
Not a piano version but the original violin version.
Can anyone help me out?

nathaliedp, December 27, 2006; 10:53 AM


The soundtrack version is short and not so beautiful as the Henry Mancini's piano version,but I have it.Where are you from?

eniootani, December 28, 2006; 8:09 AM


I am assuming you probably mean the score for Nicholas and Alexandra written by Richard Rodney Bennett. If so, this title was, so far, never published on CD, only on LP.
I have in my possesion a bootleg version on CD which I obtained at an auction. If this is the score you are looking for I might be able to help you.
Let me know, just send me an e-mail.

frank.van.dingenen1, December 28, 2006; 9:43 AM

I too am looking for the violin version of Too Beautiful to Last...did you find it, either the audio or the sheet music?

nhegge2, August 2, 2007; 10:47 AM

Good news.

I looked for this for a long time too. I finally found it ... sort of by accident. But I have the soundtrack.

Let me know how to send it to you and I'll send it as an attachment.

bwill, February 4, 2008; 12:45 PM

Here's one violin version by FRANCK POURCEL with Nicholas and Alexandra slide show:

liz88lee, April 26, 2008; 9:52 PM

Here is a cd collection that contains the Too Beautiful to last violin piece by Franck Pourcel.

100 All Time Greatest (Import) (CD)
Frank Pourcel
CD / 2006-03-08
Show me all results in Music

You can buy it 31.98 no tax free shippng.
You will enjoy the other pieces on the cd,beautiful violin

rustyfaith146, May 5, 2008; 8:39 AM

you guys are amazing.......took me just 13 years to find you all.

I worked in the late 1970s in my dad's basement making electronics for telementery and data aquisition systems. There was a Classical Station in Philly WWDB or EZ101 or something and I have been searching for this exact rendition. i have paino, other versions, etc. etc. etc. etc. and been running searches for years. Contact the 101 Strings ......... even contacted Bennet's group (he is a Pennslvanian (scranton/wilkes barre) but as soon as Ii said violin they keep giving me the full orchetreal versions and etc. I have been looking for this "huaunting" and tragic violin version.

My father passed away in 1995 and it has been the occsasion search on the internet for me when I am just thinking of him.


t, June 23, 2008; 8:47 PM

i have been searching for the piano sheet music for too beaustiful to last for over a week and i cant find it anywhere...I have also been to all the music stores near where i live andt they all said that u cant get it anywhere. would anybody please be able to send me the sheet music or tell where on w=earth ii can get it from... thanx heaps

very_crazy_penny, February 17, 2009; 1:00 AM

After many years I found your request and I think I can send you a Frank Pourcel version, which came toguether with a Zar presentacion...but the music is the one you are interest lisening with violin.. Just go to:

4703K View Download
let see if you can suceed, if not, you have to give me your mail...and I will send you the site.

josejperez29, July 13, 2011; 2:52 PM

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