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Pacific Rim



Pacific Rim (2013)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Ramin Djawadi

Released in:

United States

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WaterTower Music no label number

WaterTower Music no label number  

United States 
Release Date
Available as download.

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  Track listing

1.  Pacific Rim (04:55)
2.  Gipsy Danger (03:19)
3.  Canceling the Apocalypse (03:39)
4.  Just a Memory (02:08)
5.  2500 Tons of Awesome (01:05)
6.  The Shatterdome (02:31)
7.  Mako (04:24)
8.  Call Me Newt (01:43)
9.  Jaeger Tech (01:59)
10.  To Fight Monsters, We Created Monsters (02:04)
11.  Better Than New (01:41)
12.  We Are the Resistance (01:49)
13.  Double Event (02:28)
14.  Striker Eureka (01:55)
15.  Physical Compatibility (02:32)
16.  Category 5 (02:17)
17.  Pentecost (02:12)
18.  Go Big or Go Extinct (02:25)
19.  Hannibal Chau (01:34)
20.  For My Family (01:58)
21.  No Pulse (00:58)
22.  Kaiju Groupie (01:15)
23.  Deep Beneath the Pacific (01:55)
24.  The Breach (03:15)
25.  We Need a New Weapon (01:41)

Total Duration: 00:57:42
Track listing contributed by guichaux_jordan

WaterTower Music/Sony Classical 88883736302 Image supplied by
David Strohmenger

WaterTower Music/Sony Classical 88883736302  

Great Britain 
Release Date

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