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Fate Of The Furious, The



Fate Of The Furious, The (2017)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Brian Tyler

Released in:

United States

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Back Lot Music BLM684

Back Lot Music BLM684  

United States 
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  Track listing

1.  The Fate Of The Furious (03:36)
2.  Cipher (02:10)
3.  Zombie Time (06:01)
4.  Reunited (02:45)
5.  Confluence (01:30)
6.  Affirmation (02:35)
7.  The Toy Shop (01:25)
8.  Hoodwinked (03:03)
9.  Incentive (03:46)
10.  Harpooned (04:28)
11.  Simple Solutions (02:30)
12.  Asking The Question (01:30)
13.  The Cuban Mile (03:35)
14.  Facing The Crocodile (03:22)
15.  Cargo Breach (04:15)
16.  Mutual Interest (02:00)
17.  Wrecking Ball (03:02)
18.  Taking Control (02:13)
19.  Consequences (02:58)
20.  Nobody's Intel (01:38)
21.  Outflanked (03:44)
22.  Welcome To The Club (02:04)
23.  Roman (02:21)
24.  Davidaniya (02:02)
25.  Concussion Grenade (01:02)
26.  Rogue (02:39)
27.  Dead In The Eye (03:06)
28.  The Return (01:56)

Total Duration: 01:17:16
Track listing contributed by Adam Krysinski (

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