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Pachamama (2018)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Pierre Hamon

Released in:

Argentina, France

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22D Music

22D Music  

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  Track listing

1.  Pachamama Opening Theme (01:58)
2.  Tepulpa´ Theme (01:31)
3.  The Shaman and Walumama (02:44)
4.  Ancestor's Cave (02:09)
5.  The Offering (01:10)
6.  Village Dance (01:54)
7.  Goodbye Village, Hello Kirkincho (00:51)
8.  Bridge of Ropes (01:19)
9.  Message from the Stars (01:50)
10.  Sea of Clouds (02:18)
11.  Entering Cuzco (01:52)
12.  Sun Temple (01:38)
13.  Conquistadors (02:44)
14.  Tepulpai Chase (01:37)
15.  Leaving the Catacombs (01:06)
16.  Na´ra, Tepulpai and the Condor (02:17)
17.  Flight on the Wings of the Condor (01:28)
18.  The Metamorphose (01:07)
19.  Snakes, Tepulpai and Conquistadors (01:44)
20.  Village Looting (01:15)
21.  Walumama Theme (01:42)
22.  The Shaman's Rain Chant (00:55)
23.  Pachamama Anthem (01:14)
24.  Tepulpai Theme II (00:46)
25.  Somos la Nueva Tierra (02:30)
Performed by Juan Antin

Total Duration: 00:41:39
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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