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What We Left Behind: Looking Back At Deep Space Nine

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What We Left Behind: Looking Back At Deep Space Nine (2018)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Dennis McCarthy
Kevin Kiner

Released in:

United States

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BuySoundtrax Records BSXCD-9142

BuySoundtrax Records BSXCD-9142  

United States 
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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (00:12)
2.  Through a Glass Darkly (00:57)
by Andy Robinson
3.  I Left My Quark and Captain Sisko (02:10)
Vocals by Max Grodénchik (Arr. Nicholas Pike)
4.  Reunion (02:40)
5.  Big Space/Fun Voyages (00:27)
6.  Mr. Brooks (03:03)
7.  Concept Art/Production Design (02:47)
8.  Actor Interaction/DS9 Renaissance/Promise To Be Back (03:06)
9.  Writer’s Intro/New Episode (04:58)
10.  Explosion (01:33)
11.  Evolving Characters/Friendship to Romance (01:32)
12.  Grey Character (02:54)
13.  Evolving Characters 2/Recurring Characters (01:47)
14.  Killing Will Robinson (02:29)
15.  Galactic War Saga/Sacrifice of Angels (03:04)
16.  Writers’ Room I (02:48)
17.  Haven't Advanced Much (01:33)
18.  Racial Inequalities (01:45)
19.  Writers’ Room II (02:30)
20.  Action Barbie/Being Heard (03:03)
21.  Intro Ezri (01:28)
22.  Bashir (01:16)
23.  The Cost of War (01:16)
24.  Real World Issues (02:53)
25.  Section 31 (03:49)
26.  Finale (05:58)
27.  What We Left Behind (02:48)
Vocals by Max Grodénchik, Casey Biggs, Jeffrey Combs and Armin Shimerman (Arr. Nicholas Pike)
28.  In Memorium (00:43)
29.  End Credits (03:12)
30.  DS9 Rocks (01:29)
by Five Year Mission
31.  What We Left Behind Trailer (02:28)
Composed by Dennis McCarthy & Matt LaPoint
32.  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Main Title for Solo Piano (After 3:00 AM at Quarks) (05:09)
Composed by Dennis McCarthy

Total Duration: 01:17:47
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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