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Personal History Of David Copperfield, The

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Personal History Of David Copperfield, The



Personal History Of David Copperfield, The (2019)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Christopher Willis

Released in:

Great Britain, United States

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Great Britain 
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  Track listing

1.  My Own Story (01:46)
2.  Baby Davy (01:44)
3.  Yarmouth (02:06)
4.  Last Days of Innocence (01:50)
5.  The Murdstones (01:00)
6.  The Bottling Factory (01:16)
7.  I Fall Into Disgrace (00:59)
8.  A Corker of a Corker (01:28)
9.  Without a Home (01:39)
10.  23 Miles to Dover (01:25)
11.  Notes and Impressions (01:34)
12.  A Blissful Summer (01:16)
13.  First Day at School (01:05)
14.  Mr. Dick and the Kite (01:16)
15.  Agnes (00:46)
16.  Tall Tales (01:22)
17.  Uriah Heep (01:31)
18.  Of Kites and Concertinas (00:49)
19.  Leaving Day (02:01)
20.  Meeting Dora (01:00)
21.  Adventures of a London Gentleman (03:49)
22.  Mock Turtle (00:38)
23.  Ruined (02:03)
24.  Mounting Troubles (02:04)
25.  Return To Yarmouth (01:32)
26.  Steerforth Mucks In (01:26)
27.  Emily Gone (01:09)
28.  The Search for Emily (01:16)
29.  David's Writings (02:57)
30.  The Shipwreck (02:22)
31.  Concluding Words (00:57)
32.  A Life Well Written (03:17)
33.  These Pages Must Show (End Credits) (02:34)

Total Duration: 00:53:57
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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