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Hollywood Story, the (1951)

Joseph Gershenson

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Belter 15  

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  Track listing

1.  I used to be colour blind (03:27)
(Irving Berlin) Ginger Rodgers
2.  Louise (03:12)
(Leo Robin - Richard E. Whiting) Maurice Chevalier
3.  When April sings (02:49)
(Stoltz - Kahn) Deanna Durbin
4.  It happened in Monterey (03:11)
(William Rose - Mabel Wayne) John Boles
5.  He's a good man to have around (03:21)
Jack Yellen - Milton Ager) Sophie Tucker
6.  Alone (03:26)
(Brown - Freed) Allan Jones
7.  Cooking breakfast for the one I love (02:29)
(William Rose - Henry Tobias) Fanny Brice
8.  Broadway Melody (02:24)
Arthur Freed - Nacio Herb Brown) Charles King
9.  Ramona (03:29)
(L. Wolfe Gilbert - Mabel Wayne) Dolores del Rio
10.  Something's gotta give (03:01)
(J. Mercer) Fred Astaire
11.  I never knew heaven could speak (03:11)
(Gordon -Revel) Joan Crawford
12.  Mary's a grand old name (03:08)
(Cohan) James Cagney
13.  What wouldn't I do for that man! (02:54)
(E. Y. Harburg - Jay Gorney) Helen Morgan
14.  Where is the song of songs for me? (02:37)
(Irving Berlin) Lupe Vélez
15.  I'm following you! (03:00)
(Dave Dreyer - Ballard McDonald) The Duncan
16.  The saga of Jenny (03:55)
(Weill - Ira Gershwin) Ann Sothern

Total Duration: 00:49:34
Track listing contributed by s.tonkens

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