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Take The High Ground!



Take The High Ground! (1953)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Dimitri Tiomkin

Released in:

United States

Comedy, Drama, War

Also known as:
  • * The Making Of A Marine (United States, working title)

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Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 8, No. 1

Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 8, No. 1  

United States 
Release Date

Golden Age Classics series.
Limited edition of 3,000 copies.

Also contains music from:
 Thing From Another World, The

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Collection: 124
Wish list: 7

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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (01:48)
2.  Flying Saucer Sequence, Part 1 (02:14)
3.  Flying Saucer Sequence, Part 2 (05:47)
4.  Melting Sequence (01:40)
5.  Dog Fight (01:49)
6.  The Hand (00:50)
7.  Greenhouse Sequence (01:10)
8.  The Thing at Door (00:40)
9.  Plasma #1 (02:26)
10.  Plasma Plants #2 (01:06)
11.  Fire Sequence (02:04)
12.  Electrocution Sequence (04:11)
13.  End Title (00:35)
THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (1951) tracks 1-13; total time 26:50
14.  Lion Head/Prologue/Main Title/Foreword (03:19)
15.  Holt's Opening Address (00:57)
16.  Footlockers/Mattresses/Sinking Teeth Bridge/First Day Recap (02:04)
17.  Platoon Breakup (02:35)
18.  Julie (02:02)
19.  Julie Faints (01:08)
20.  Obstacle Montage/Gas Chamber/Platoon Drill (02:48)
21.  Letters From Home (02:32)
22.  Julie's Theme (02:23)
23.  Julie's Distress/Holt Comes Home/Naglaski and Chaplain (02:43)
24.  Infiltration Course/Mock Battle (03:36)
25.  Julie (02:53)
(Sung by Bill Lee)
26.  William Tell Tolliver (01:13)
27.  Neon Lighted Love (03:17)
28.  Let Me Alone (00:55)
29.  Dover Awol/Dover Returns (02:38)
30.  Goodbye Julie/Buddies Again (02:32)
31.  Dress Parade/America's Fighting Men (01:22)
32.  Ryan Takes Over (02:02)
33.  End Title (00:49)
34.  Julie's Theme (01:32)
(Key Club version)
35.  Take the High Ground (03:08)
(cond. Johnny Green)
36.  Julie's Theme (alternate) (02:24)
TAKE THE HIGH GROUND (1953) tracks 14-36; total time 51:47

Total Duration: 01:17:12
Track listing contributed by Dorian

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