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Lonely Man, The



Lonely Man, The (1957)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Nathan van Cleave

Released in:

United States

Action, Western

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Kritzerland KR 20023-8

Kritzerland KR 20023-8  

United States 
Release Date

Limited edition of 1000 copies.

Also contains music from:

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  Track listing

1.  Prelude
2.  Flower Bed
3.  Quarantine Sign
4.  Lonely Corrals
5.  Finale

Tracks 1-5 from HUD (Film Version)

6.  Prelude
7.  Flower Bed
8.  Quarantine Sign
9.  Lonely Corrals
10.  Finale

Tracks 6-10 from HUD (Alternate Version for Chamber Orchestra)

11.  Paramount Seal/Prelude/The Lonely Man*
sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford
12.  The Prodigal Father*
13.  The Trek Part 1*/Burn and Beware*/The Cold Deck
14.  The Trek Part 2*
15.  The Trek Part 3*
16.  Scorned at the Stable/Hate Makes Him Evil
17.  The White Stallion*/Ada’s Advice*
18.  Losing the Stallion*
19.  Signs of Blindness*
20.  Still the Boss*
21.  The Informer/The Canvas Corral*/ First Fight at the Canvas Corral
22.  Something to Think About/Into a Trap
23.  Then There Were Two/To the Rescue With Love
24.  The Deserted Bonanza
25.  Tension at the Bonanza*
26.  Death at the Bonanza/Finale*
27.  The Lonely Man*
sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford
*Contains “The Lonely Man” by Jack Brooks and Nathan Van Cleave

Tracks 11-27 from THE LONELY MAN

28.  Bonaparte’s Retreat
Pee Wee King
29.  One Dozen Roses
Roger Lewis, “Country” Joe Washburn, Dick Jurgens and Walter Donovan
30.  In the Sweet By-and-By
Joseph P. Webster and Sanford Fillmore Bennett
31.  Hud Trailer
William Kraft

Tracks 28-31 - HUD Bonus Tracks

Track listing contributed by Ivan Sorokin

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