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Wreck Of The Mary Deare, The (1959)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
George Duning

Released in:

Great Britain, United States

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Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 11 Nr. 3

Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 11 Nr. 3  

United States 
Release Date

Golden Age Classics series.
Limited edition of 3,000 copies.

Also contains music from:
 Twilight Of Honor

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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (01:50)
2.  Sands Curious (04:04)
3.  Doubting Sands (01:23)
4.  Captain Patch (03:17)
5.  Wrecker Patch (01:21)
6.  Patch Begs/The Sea Witch (01:25)
7.  Patch's Quest/Patch Discovered (01:59)
8.  Trial Prelude (01:00)
9.  Patch Desperate (01:28)
10.  Operation Salvage (01:40)
11.  Villain Higgins/Patch Vindicated/Trapped Divers (06:18)
12.  Bulls Eye (02:04)
13.  Higgins Has It/End Title (03:12)
(1-13 from "The Wreck Of The Mary Deare" (1959) by George Duning, total time 31'25)
14.  Twilight of Honor/Reception/Filthy Mob/Into Town (Twilight of Honor Prelude) (04:29)
15.  Swift or Sure?/In Trouble (01:33)
16.  Vicarious Blast/Only One Answer/A Little Rusty (03:17)
17.  God Help Ben/Laura Lies/Nice Hands (03:27)
18.  Loved You Then and Now (01:28)
19.  Juke Jezebel (Juke Box) (01:56)
20.  Confrontation/You Told Me Things (01:38)
21.  I Like Deep Blue/Desperation (01:54)
22.  Phoenix Fire Alto Saxophone Soloist: Ronny Lang (02:22)
23.  Hitch-Hike (01:11)
24.  The Emmis (01:44)
25.  Suspenseville (00:43)
26.  Don't Lock Me Out—Finale (01:45)
27.  The Durango Drip (01:39)
28.  Young Is My Lover (02:13)
(Bronislau Kaper & Mack David)
29.  Motel Mumble (01:02)
30.  Dead Duck (00:34)
31.  Ruby Duby Du (00:49)
(Charles Wolcott)
32.  Hats and Dogs Stomp (01:40)
(Lyn Murray)
33.  Whiskey Sour (00:49)
34.  Juke Jezebel (Juke Box) (02:12)
35.  Last Dance (Motel Radio) (01:35)
(Charles Wolcott)
36.  Georgia Slop (00:46)
(Lyn Murray)
37.  Love Theme From Twilight of Honor (I Knew It Then; I Know It Now) (03:09)
(14-37 from "Twilight Of Honor" (1963) by John Green, total time 44'47)

Total Duration: 01:14:56
Track listing contributed by Dorian

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