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Green Acres



Green Acres (1965)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Vic Mizzy

Released in:

United States

Also known as:
  • Eddie Albert Show, The (1965, United States, working title)
  • Country Cousins (1965, United States, working title)

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Compilation Albums

Percepto Records 003

Percepto Records 003  

United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Ghost And Mr. Chicken, The
 Perils Of Pauline, The
 Reluctant Astronaut, The
 How To Frame A Figg
 Don't Make Waves
 Shakiest Gun In The West, The
 Caper Of The Golden Bulls, The
 Very Special Favor, A
 Night Walker, The
 Did You Hear The One About The Traveling Saleslady?
 Spirit Is Willing, The
 Love God?, The
 Busy Body, The
 Addams Family, The
 Pruitts Of Southampton, The
 Double Life Of Henry Phyfe, The
 Terror On The 40th Floor

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Vic Mizzy: Suites And Themes

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Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 65
Wish list: 0

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  Track listing

1.  The Ghost and Mr. Chnicken (Main Title) (02:27)
2.  The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (Goodbye, Luther) (03:14)
3.  The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (The Wedding) (00:57)
4.  The Caper of the Golden Bulls (Main Theme) (04:35)
5.  A Very Special Favor (Main Title (02:08)
6.  The Night Walker (Main Title) (04:38)
7.  Did You Hear the One About the Travelling Saleslady? (Main Title) (02:42)
8.  Did You Hear the One About the Travelling Saleslady (Hoedown Ballet) (04:27)
9.  The Shakiest Gun in the West (Suite) (04:04)
10.  The Spirit is Willing (Bedroom Cares) (03:39)
11.  The Spirit is Willing (Main Title) (02:57)
12.  The Perils of Pauline (Main Title) (03:14)
13.  The Reluctant Astronaut (Main Title) (02:42)
14.  The Reluctant Astronaut (Over the Top) (03:36)
15.  The Love God? (Main Title) (02:03)
16.  Don't Make Waves (Main Title) (02:16)
17.  Don't Make Waves (Love Theme) (02:48)
18.  Don't Make Waves (Driverless) (02:03)
19.  The Busy Body (Main Title) (02:26)
20.  How To Frame a Fig (Main Title) (02:24)
21.  The Addams Family (00:51)
22.  Green Acres (01:05)
23.  The Pruits of Southampton (00:56)
24.  Legal Eagle (00:47)
25.  The Double Life of Henry Phyfe (00:49)
26.  Portofino (01:01)
27.  Pioneer Spirit (00:40)
28.  Rhubarb (01:01)
29.  The 13th Gate (01:09)
30.  The Secretary (00:43)
31.  Shakespeare Loves Rembrandt (01:35)
32.  The Don Rickles Show (00:38)
33.  Temperatures Rising (00:30)
34.  Kentucky Jones (01:26)
35.  Terror on the 40th Floor (01:53)
36.  The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (Haunted Organ) (02:14)
Bonus Track

Total Duration: 01:16:38
Track listing contributed by tbetts

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