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Valhalla (1986)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Ron Goodwin
Bent Hesselmann (co-composer)
Jussi Henry Olsen (co-composer)
Børge Ring (whistle theme)

Released in:


Adventure, Animation, Fantasy

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Fenn 709  

Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Opening Title (02:17)
2.  Thor's Arrival (01:29)
3.  Children's Theme (00:59)
4.  Thor's Fishing Tale (01:43)
5.  Morning Of The Magic Hammer (01:25)
6.  Farewell Theme (01:06)
7.  Rainbow Bridge (01:59)
8.  At Home With Thor And Sif (01:16)
9.  Arrival Of Loki And Quark (00:42)
10.  The Wrath Of Thor (01:09)
11.  The Children In The Forest (02:26)
12.  Building The Tree-House (04:55)
13.  Whisteling Theme (02:24)
14.  Giant's Theme (02:24)
15.  Eating Competition (02:32)
16.  Drinking Competition (00:34)
17.  Thor Lifting The Cat (01:22)
18.  Dancing With Elle (02:46)
19.  Tjalfe And Thor (02:14)
20.  Giant Party (02:09)
21.  Farewell To Quark (01:18)
22.  Tjalfe Gets His Sword (01:44)
23.  Finale (05:19)

Total Duration: 00:46:12
Track listing contributed by Hallur Gudjonsson

Label "X" Europe LXE 709 Image supplied by

Label "X" Europe LXE 709  

Release Date

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Collection: 47
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  Track listing

1.  Einführung (02:14)
2.  Thors Ankunft (01:17)
Thor's Arrival
3.  Das Kinder-Thema (00:56)
Children's Theme
4.  Thors Erzählung vom Fischen (01:41)
Thor's Fishing Story
5.  Der Morgen des magischen Hammers (01:21)
Morning of Magic Hammer
6.  Das Abschieds-Thema (01:05)
Farewell Theme
7.  Die Regenbogenbrücke (01:58)
The Rainbow Bridge
8.  Zu Hause bei Thor und Sif (01:15)
At Thor's and Sif's Home
9.  Die Ankunf von Loke und Quack (00:39)
Loke's and Quack's Arrival
10.  Thors Zorn (01:07)
Thor's Anger
11.  Die Kinder im Wald (02:22)
The Children in the Forest
12.  Der Bau des Baumhauses (04:50)
Building the Hut
13.  Pfeif-Thema (von Borge Ring) (00:51)
Whistling Theme (by Borge Ring)
14.  Das Riesen-Thema (02:22)
The Giants' Theme
15.  Das Wettessen (02:29)
The Eating Contest
16.  Das Wetttrinken (00:32)
The Drinking Contest
17.  Thor und die Katze (01:20)
Thor and the Cat
18.  Elles Tanz (02:45)
Elle's Dance
19.  Tjalfe und Thor (02:11)
Tjalfe and Thor
20.  Riesen-Party (02:07)
Giants' Party
21.  Auf Wiedersehen Quack (01:16)
Goodbye Quack
22.  Tjalfe erhält sein Schwert (01:44)
Tjalfe Gets His Sword
23.  Walhalla End-Thema (05:17)
Valhalla Ending

Total Duration: 00:43:39
Track listing contributed by tissue

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