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Transylvania Twist



Transylvania Twist (1990)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Chuck Cirino

Released in:

United States


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BSX Records BSXCD 8870

BSX Records BSXCD 8870  

United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Not Of This Earth

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Collection: 22
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  Track listing

1.  Amateurs
2.  Transylvania Twist Main Titles
3.  Just Give Me Action
4.  Come To Castle Orlock
5.  The Road To Hansberg/Van Helsing Before Dinner
6.  Think Of The Royalties
7.  Ancestors Of Orlock
8.  Marinas' Service
9.  Stephen's Favorite Musical Recording
10.  The Newlydead Game
11.  Seance For Lady Marissa
12.  Trick Or Treat/Swing And A Miss
13.  Marissa Points The Way/Dexter Finds The Book
14.  The Evil One Appears
15.  Destroy The Book
16.  Transylvania Twist End Titles
Tracks 01 through 16 Transylvania Twist
17.  Not Of This Earth Main Title
18.  I'm Coming Home/Dining Out
19.  Miss Story's Bedroom/First Communication
20.  Several Hundred Questions
21.  Sleaze-O-Mania
22.  Birthday Girl
23.  A Pound And A Half Of Flesh
24.  Footchase
25.  Finding Out
26.  Stop Running, Nadine
27.  Driving Mr Johnson
28.  Not Of This Earth End Titles
Tracks 17 through 28 Not Of This Earth
29.  Transylvania Twist Suite
30.  Chopping Mall Suite
31.  Not Of This Earth End Title (Alternate)
32.  Death City
Tracks 29 through 32 Bonus Tracks

Track listing contributed by Mark Hammon

Compilation Albums

Silva America SSD 1020 Image supplied by

Silva America SSD 1020  

United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Return Of Dracula, The
 Vampire Circus
 Fright Night
 Children Of The Night
 Transylvania 6-5000
 Forever Knight
 To Die For
 Son Of Darkness: To Die For II
 Hunger, The
 Sundown: The Vampire In Retreat

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Vampire Circus: The Return Of Dracula

Other information
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Collection: 40
Wish list: 5

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  Track listing

1.  THE RETURN OF DRACULA (1958) (02:07)
Gerald Fried - "Overture"
2.  VAMPIRE CIRCUS (1971) (09:13)
David Whitaker - "Prologue"
3.  FRIGHT NIGHT (1985) (03:53)
Brad Fiedel - "Come To Me"
4.  TRANSYLVANIA TWIST (1991) (07:23)
Chuck Cirino - suite
5.  VAMP (1986) (02:56)
Jonathan Elias - "The Vampire Coven's Prayer"
6.  CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT (1992) (03:36)
Daniel Licht - "The Blood Sucker's Ball"
7.  THIRST (1979) (04:47)
Brian May - "Vampire Ceremony and Initiation Ritual"
8.  TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 (1985) (07:37)
Lee Holdridge - suite
9.  FOREVER KNIGHT (1992) (01:28)
Fred Mollin - main title/theme
10.  TO DIE FOR (1989) (09:30)
Cliff Eidelman - suite
11.  SON OF DARKNESS: TO DIE FOR II (1991) (03:17)
Mark McKenzie - "Finale"
12.  THE HUNGER (1983) (03:46)
Leo Delibes - "Seduction"
13.  DRACULA (1973) (11:29)
Bob Cobert - suite
Richard Stone - "Redemption of the Damned - Finale"

Total Duration: 01:16:45
Track listing contributed by William Wass

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