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36 Great Motion Picture Themes Vol. 2

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36 Great Motion Picture Themes Vol. 2



36 Great Motion Picture Themes Vol. 2 (1969)

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United States

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United Artists UXS 69 Image supplied by
Robert DiMucci

United Artists UXS 69  

United States 
Release Date
2-LP set in a gatefold cover.

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  Track listing

Disc/Cassette 1

1.  Star! (02:50)
Sammy Cahn (performed by Leroy Holmes)
2.  I Will Wait for You (from "Umbrellas of Cherbourg") (03:42)
Michel Legrand (performed by Ferrante & Teicher)
3.  The Night They Raided Minsky's (02:15)
Charles Strouse (performed by Leroy Holmes)
4.  The Way West (Overture) (02:02)
Bronislau Kaper (conducted by Andre Previn)
5.  Joanna (02:08)
Rod McKuen (performed by Ferrante & Teicher)
6.  Revolution (02:56)
Norman Martin and Jack O'Connell (performed by Mother Earth)
7.  Inspector Clouseau (Main Title) (03:12)
Ken Thorne
8.  Love Theme from Hannibal Brooks (03:23)
Francis Lai (performed by Leroy Holmes)
9.  Yours, Mine and Ours (01:21)
Fred Karlin
10.  Oliver (02:11)
Lionel Bart (performed by Ferrante & Teicher)
11.  Theme from The Devil's Brigade (02:48)
Alex North (performed by Leroy Holmes)
12.  Hang 'Em High (02:56)
Dominic Frontiere
13.  To Sir, With Love (02:14)
Mark London (performed by George Martin)
14.  Bonnie and Clyde (02:22)
Charles Strouse (performed by Leroy Holmes)
15.  The Big Gundown (Main Title) (02:39)
Ennio Morricone
16.  Theme Du Concerto (from "The Young Girls of Rochefort") (02:28)
Michel Legrand
17.  The Shadow of Your Smile (Love Theme from "The Sandpiper") (03:05)
Johnny Mandel (performed by Al Caiola)
18.  Finale (from "The Ten Commandments") (03:20)
Elmer Bernstein

Disc/Cassette 2

1.  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (01:08)
Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman (conducted by Irwin Kostal)
2.  Play Dirty (Main Theme) (02:27)
Michel Legrand
3.  Big Spender (from "Sweet Charity") (02:46)
Cy Coleman (performed by Henry Jerome)
4.  Return of the Seven (02:28)
Elmer Bernstein
5.  Theme from Valley of the Dolls (03:02)
Andre Previn (performed by Ferrante & Teicher)
6.  Al Ponerse el Sol (When the Sun Sets) (from "When the Sun Sets" aka "At Sunset") (02:39)
Manuel Alejandro (performed by Raphael)
7.  Manha' de Carnaval (Morning of the Carnival) (from "Black Orpheus") (03:00)
Luis Bonfa (Performed by Al Caiola)
8.  Theme from The Train (03:20)
Maurice Jarre (performed by Leroy Holmes)
9.  Africa Addio (03:25)
Riz Ortolani
10.  Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell (02:56)
Riz Ortolani
11.  The Odd Couple (01:46)
Neil Helti (performed by Al Caiola)
12.  For Love of Ivy (02:40)
Quincy Jones (performed by Ferrante & Teicher)
13.  Cuando Tu No Estas (When You Are Not Here) (from "Cuando Tu No Estas") (03:35)
Manuel Alejandro (performed by Raphael)
14.  Alfie (02:37)
Burt Bacharach (performed by Henry Jerome)
15.  Theme from The Thomas Crown Affair (The Windmills of Your Mind) (02:18)
Michel Legrand
16.  The Scalphunters Theme (from "The Scalphunters) (02:08)
Elmer Bernstein
17.  Don't Rain On My Parade (from "Funny Girl") (02:52)
Jule Styne (performed by Nelson Riddle)
18.  The Charge of the Light Brigade (Main Title) (03:02)
John Addison

Total Duration: 01:36:01
Track listing contributed by Robert DiMucci

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