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Carnival Of Souls



Carnival Of Souls (1962)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Gene Moore

Released in:

United States

Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Birdman BMR 012

Birdman BMR 012  

United States 
Release Date

All music is directly taken from the movie and of very poor sound quality.

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Collection: 28
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  Track listing

1.  Introduction
2.  Departure
3.  I Don't Know About That Girl
4.  Interlude #1
5.  Travel Music
6.  First Visitation
7.  Second Visitation
8.  You Can't Live In Isolation
9.  Stirring The Soul
10.  First Trip to the Carnival
11.  Hot Bath
12.  Church Organ #1
13.  Third Visitation
14.  Storm
15.  Church Is Just a Place of Business
16.  Haunted
17.  Let's Have No More Nights
18.  Interlude #2
19.  Dark Entry
20.  As If I Didn't Exist
21.  Second Trip to the Carnival
22.  Dark Footsteps
23.  Profane - Sacrilege
24.  At the Bar #1
25.  At the Bar #2
26.  Left Alone
27.  Second Departure
28.  Eastbound Bus
29.  Isolation
30.  I Don't Know What's Real Anymore
31.  Carnival of Souls
32.  Mary's Theme
33.  Herk Harvey Speaks
34.  Church Organ #2
35.  Church Organ #3
36.  Psycho Carnival Organ
37.  Carnival Rock

Track listing contributed by M V

Citadel Records STC 77138

Citadel Records STC 77138  

United States 
Release Date

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Collection: 11
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  Track listing

1.  DIALOGUE:"Want to drag?"
2.  Main Title (01:46)
3.  DIALOGUE: Mary Henry on the bridge / Organ Factory (04:08)
4.  DIALOGUE: "Put your soul into it." (01:57)
5.  Visitation: The Man In The Window (01:47)
6.  DIALOGUE: "Could you tell me what that big structure is?" (00:39)
7.  DIALOGUE: "Our pride and joy" (01:03)
8.  We Have An Organist Capable Of Stirring The Soul (01:58)
9.  DIALOGUE: "What do you see?" (00:24)
10.  DIALOGUE: "I ain't one to make no fuss." (00:50)
11.  DIALOGUE: "I'm your new neighbor." (00:19)
12.  The Rooming House: Another Visitation (01:07)
13.  DIALOGUE: "Who's the man in the hall?" (01:03)
14.  DIALOGUE: "A church is just a place of business." (01:17)
15.  Why Don't They Answer Me? (02:22)
16.  DIALOGUE: "As though I had no place in the world." (03:43)
17.  Haunted: Pavilion In Daylight (00:59)
18.  Cast Out Devils (03:08)
19.  DIALOGUE: "Profane! Sacrilege!" (00:34)
20.  I Want to be Left Alone (01:53)
21.  Isolation: Why Can't They See Me? (04:54)
22.  DIALOGUE: "I don't belong in the world." (01:07)
23.  The Carnival of Souls (5:07) (05:07)
24.  DIALOGUE: "Footprints... then nothing." (00:28)
25.  Peace At Last (01:28)
26.  Suite: Musical Score (30:17)

Total Duration: 01:14:18
Track listing contributed by serifiot

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