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Petit Poucet, Le



Petit Poucet, Le (2001)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Jō Hisaishi

Released in:



Also known as:
  • Tom Thumb (2001, Europe: English title)

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Universal ULM 014 934-2

Universal ULM 014 934-2  

Release Date

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Collection: 50
Wish list: 9

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  Track listing

1.  La Lune brille pour Toi
2.  Le Petit Poucet
3.  La Foret de Rose
4.  L'attaque des Pillards
5.  Sur le Chemin de Cailloux Blancs
6.  Perdus
7.  Les Pičces d'or
8.  Aux Loups!
9.  La Maison Rouge
10.  A la Table de L'ogre
11.  Le Jardin Secret
12.  L'Ogre
13.  La Foret Rouge
14.  Entre l'Ogre et la Falaise
15.  Le Duel
16.  Le Messager de la Reine
17.  La Lune Brille pour Toi

Track listing contributed by foolsparadisenl

Universal ULM 016 968-2 Image supplied by
Adam Krysinski (

Universal ULM 016 968-2  

United States 
Release Date

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Collection: 9
Wish list: 4

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  Track listing

1.  Close Your Eyes (Edited Version)
2.  Little Tom Thumb (Main Theme)
3.  Rose's Forest
4.  The Pillagers Attack
5.  On the Road of White Stones
6.  Lost
7.  The Golden Coins
8.  Wolves!
9.  The Red House
10.  At the Ogre's Dinner
11.  The Private Secrets
12.  The Ogre
13.  The Red Forest
14.  Between the Ogre and the Cliff
15.  The Duel
16.  The Queen Messenger
17.  Close Your Eyes (Ending Theme Song)
18.  "La Lune Brille pour Toi" (Bonus Track)
Written by Olivier Dahan & Joe Hisaishi / Performed by Vanessa Paradis

Track listing contributed by angeldibujo

Compilation Albums

Wonderland Records WRCT 1005 Image supplied by

Wonderland Records WRCT 1005  

Release Date

Kim Hong-Je conducts the New Japan Philharmonic except Student Quartet conducted by Joe Hisaishi

Also contains music from:
 Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi
 Kidzu Ritan

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Super Orchestra Night 2001

Other information
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Collection: 1
Wish list: 0

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  Track listing

1.  One Summer's Day (04:50)
2.  The Dragon Boy / The Bottomless Pitt (04:06)
3.  The Sixth Station (03:46)
4.  Reprise (04:43)
tracks 1-4 from Sen to Chihiro no kamikakusi / Spirited Away (2001)
5.  Black Wall (04:49)
6.  Student Quartet (03:40)
7.  Quartet Main Theme (04:37)
tracks 5-7 from Karutetto / Quartet (2001)
8.  Drifter... in Lax (03:18)
9.  Wipe Out (03:35)
10.  Raging Men (01:43)
11.  Ballade (04:54)
tracks 8-11 from Brother (2000)
12.  Le Petit Poucet Main Theme (04:25)
track 12 from Le Petit Poucet (2001)
13.  Kids Return 2001 (04:50)
track 13 from Kizzu Ritān / Kids Return (1996)

Total Duration: 00:53:16
Track listing contributed by Pierre M. Ganne

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