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Television's Greatest Hits Vol. IV - Black & White Classics

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Television's Greatest Hits Vol. IV - Black & White Classics



Television's Greatest Hits Vol. IV - Black & White Classics (1996)

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United States

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Cinerama/TVT Records 0022732CIN Image supplied by
Wilfried Wittkowsky

Cinerama/TVT Records 0022732CIN  

Release Date

3D-cover with special designed jewel-case front.

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  Track listing

1.  Astro Boy (01:13)
Tatsuo Takai
2.  Roger Ramjet (00:45)
Charles Koren
3.  The Mighty Hercules (00:45)
Winston Sharples
4.  The Gumby Show (00:43)
Pete Kleinow
5.  The Beany & Cecil Show (01:16)
Bob Clampett
6.  Tennessee Tuxedo (01:04)
W. Watts Biggers
7.  Quick Draw McGraw (00:48)
William Hanna
8.  Wally Gator (00:27)
William Hanna
9.  King Leonardo & his short subjects (01:14)
W. Watts Biggers
10.  The Big world of Little Adam (00:53)
Eugene Raskin
11.  Kukla, Fran and Ollie (00:39)
"Here we are, hop, hop, hop" - Jack Fascinato
12.  The Soupy Sales Show (00:53)
Harry Jerome
13.  Captain Midnight (01:07)
Don A. Ferris
14.  Make room for Daddy (00:54)
"Danny Boy" a.k.a. "Londonderry Air"
15.  Father knows best (00:43)
Don Ferris
16.  My little Margie (01:18)
Alexander Laszlo
17.  The adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (00:33)
Ozzie Nelson
18.  Hazel (00:32)
Sammy Cahn
19.  Our Miss Brooks (01:12)
"Whistling Bells" - Farian I. Myers
20.  Karen (00:47)
Jack Marshall
21.  The Real McCoys (00:52)
Harry Ruby
22.  Lassie (00:56)
Les Baxter
23.  The life and legend of Wyatt Earp (01:41)
Harry Warren
24.  Gunsmoke (01:36)
"The old trail" - Rex Koury
25.  The Lawman (00:55)
Jerry Livingston
26.  26 Men (01:06)
Russel Hayden
27.  Colt .45 (01:03)
Harold S. Hopper
28.  Cheyenne (01:14)
Stan Jones
29.  Bronco (01:15)
Jerry Livingston
30.  The legend of Jesse James (00:49)
Kenneth Darby
31.  Hopalong Cassidy (00:59)
"Hopalong Cassidy March" - Nacio Herb Brown
32.  The Everglades (00:55)
Harlan Howard
33.  Adventures in Paradise (01:05)
Lionel Newman
34.  Dr. Kildare (01:02)
"Three Stars will shine tonight" - Hal Winn
35.  Medic (01:26)
Victor Young
36.  Burke's Law (00:58)
Herschel Burke Gilbert
37.  Highway Patrol (00:54)
Ray Llewelyn
38.  M-Squad (00:56)
Count Basie
39.  The Detectives (00:56)
Herschel Burke Gilbert
40.  The Untouchables (01:05)
Nelson Riddle
41.  The Fugitive (01:04)
Pete Rugolo
42.  Checkmate (00:56)
John Williams
43.  Tightrope! (00:49)
George W. Duning
44.  Bourbon Street Beat (01:12)
Jerry Livingston
45.  Pete Kelly's Blues (01:20)
Ray Heindorf
46.  Asphalt Jungle (00:43)
Duke Ellington
47.  Mr. Broadway (01:02)
"Blues for Mr. Broadway" - Dave Brubeck
48.  Naked City (00:51)
"Somewhere in the night" - Billy May
49.  The Twenty-First Century (00:31)
Lyn Murray
50.  The French Chef (01:20)
John Leonard Morris
51.  Candid Camera (00:58)
Keith Textor
52.  You Bet Your Life (00:59)
"Hooray for Captain Spaulding" - Bert Kalmar
53.  Amos 'N Andy (01:19)
"Angel's Serenade" - Gaetano Braga
54.  The Abbot and Costello Show (00:36)
Raoul Kraushaar
55.  Laurel and Hardy Laughtoons (00:47)
"Kooky Koo-Koo" - Stuart Olderrmann
56.  The Lawrence Welk Show (01:07)
"Bubbles in the wine" - Frank Loesser
57.  Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour (01:05)
Russel Mael
58.  Miss America Pageant (01:20)
"There she is, Miss America" - Bernie Wayne
59.  The Red Skelton Show (00:55)
"Holiday for strings" - David Rose
60.  The Bob Hope Show (01:18)
"Thanks for the memory" - Ralph Ringer
back of booklet states wrong tracks.
Track-listing on back of jewel-case inlet is correct

Total Duration: 00:59:41
Track listing contributed by Wilfried Wittkowsky

Tee Vee Toons TVT 1600-1  

United States 
Release Date

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TVT Records TVT 1600-2 Image supplied by

TVT Records TVT 1600-2  

United States 
Release Date

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Collection: 19
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