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Wand'rin' Star And Other Movie And TV songs

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Wand'rin' Star And Other Movie And TV songs



Wand'rin' Star And Other Movie And TV songs (1999)

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Bear Family Records BCD 16166 AR Image supplied by

Bear Family Records BCD 16166 AR  

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Also contains music from:
 Rio Bravo

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  Track listing

1.  Wand'rin' star (04:27)
Paint your wagon / Lee Marvin
2.  Get along home, Cindy (01:16)
Rio Bravo / Ricky Nelson & Walter Brennan
3.  The call of the far away hills (03:00)
Shane / Victor Young and his orchestra
4.  River of no return (02:30)
River of no return / Tennessee Ernie Ford
5.  Jim Bowie (02:35)
The last command / Gordon MacRae
6.  High noon (02:36)
High noon / Frankie Laine
7.  Bonanza (01:37)
From the TV production "Bonanza" / David Rose orchestra
8.  You can't get far without a railroad (02:56)
Night passage / James Stewart
9.  The ballad of Wes Tancred (03:09)
Tension at Table Rock / Eddy Arnold
10.  A man is as good as his word (02:49)
Comanche / The Lancers
11.  The man who shot Liberty Valance (02:53)
The man who shot Liberty Valance / Gene Pitney
12.  Laramie (01:22)
Rails into Laramie / Rex Allen
13.  The Comancheros (02:10)
The Comancheros / Claude King
14.  Young Billy Young (03:53)
Young Billy Young / Robert Mitchum
15.  King of the five card stud (02:04)
Five card stud / Dean Martin
16.  Wagon train (02:33)
From the TV production "Wagon train" / Sons of the pioneers
17.  The last wagon (02:20)
The last wagon / Tex Ritter
18.  Whiskey, leave me alone (01:59)
The big sky / Kirk Douglas & Dewey Martin
19.  Johnny Guitar (02:57)
Johnny Guitar / Peggy Lee
20.  The last frontier (02:26)
Savage wilderness / Rusty Draper
21.  Hannah Lee (02:27)
Hannah Lee / Guy Mitchell
22.  Tales of Wells Fargo (02:24)
From the TV production "Tales of Wells Fargo" / Prairie Chiefs
23.  3:10 to Yuma (02:24)
3:10 to Yuma / Frankie Laine
24.  Ballad of Waterhole #3 (Code of the West) (02:16)
Waterhole #3 / Roger Miller
25.  Happy trails to you (02:59)
From the TV production "The Roy Rogers show" / R. Rogers & D. Evans

Total Duration: 01:04:02
Track listing contributed by Théophile

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