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Daikyoju Gappa



Daikyoju Gappa (1967)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Seitaro Omori

Released in:

United States, Japan


Also known as:
  • Gappa, The Triphibian Monster (1967)
  • Giant Beast Gappa, The (1967)
  • Gappa The Triphibian Monsters (1998, United States, video title)
  • Monster From A Prehistoric Planet (1967)

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VAP Inc. Records VAPCD-81330

VAP Inc. Records VAPCD-81330  

Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Nikkatsu Logo/Opening (M1) (00:29)
2.  Daikyoju Gappa [Main Title Version] (M2 Combined) (01:51)
Performed by Katsuhiko Miki
3.  Idea of a South Seas Wonderland (EX1) (03:12)
4.  The Undersea Light (M3) (00:17)
5.  Obelisk Island (M4) (00:39)
6.  Landing (PS17) (01:56)
7.  The Islanders (M5) (00:57)
8.  Welcome Dance (PS25) (04:33)
9.  The Stone Statue (M6) (00:38)
10.  The Cavern (M7) (00:10)
11.  Birth of the Baby Gappa (M8) (02:05)
12.  Fire Dance (PS46) (03:05)
13.  Legendary Monster (M9) (00:54)
14.  Gappa Appears! (M10) (02:49)
Unused Cue
15.  Press Reports of the Postponed Opening (M11) (00:13)
16.  The Toto University Bioresearch Center (M12) (00:17)
17.  View of Atami at Night (M13) (00:23)
Unused Cue
18.  Gappa Comes Ashore at Atami (M14) (01:07)
19.  "Playmates" (M15) (00:44)
20.  Proceed With Operation "Sound Wave" (M16) (00:22)
21.  Saki & Baby Gappa (M16A) (00:36)
22.  Preparing For Operation "Sound Wave" (M17) (00:36)
23.  Operation "Sound Wave" Starts (M18) (00:35)
24.  Plan to Transport Gappa by Air (M21) (01:03)
25.  Baby Gappa to Haneda Airport (M21A) (01:06)
26.  Ganbare, Baby Gappa! (M22 Combined) (02:10)
Performed by Dani Ida & Paradise King
27.  Baby Gappa & His Parents Fly Away (M23) (01:49)
28.  Daikyoju Gappa [Ending Version] (M23 Combined) (01:22)
Performed by Katsuhiko Miki
29.  Daikyoju Gappa [Main Title Instrumental Version] (01:51)
Composed by Masao Yoneyama
30.  South Seas Music 1 (02:31)
31.  South Seas Music 2 (01:59)
32.  Saki & Baby Gappa [With Echo] (M16A EC) (00:36)
33.  Baby Gappa to Haneda Airport [With Echo] (M21A EC) (01:06)
34.  Ganbare, Baby Gappa! [Instrumental Version] (M22) (02:13)
35.  Ganbare, Baby Gappa! [Alternate Instrumental Version] (M22-2) (02:13)
36.  Daikyoju Gappa [Ending Instrumental Version] (01:22)
Composed by Masao Yoneyama
37.  Daikyoju Gappa (03:45)
Performed by Katsuhiko Miki
38.  Ganbare, Baby Gappa! (03:47)
Performed by Dani Ida & Paradise King
39.  Daikyoju Gappa [Instrumental Version] (03:37)
Composed by Masao Yoneyama
40.  Ganbare, Baby Gappa! [Instrumental Version] (03:42)

Total Duration: 01:04:40
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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