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Musa (2001)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Shiro Sagisu

Released in:

Korea (South), China

Action, Drama, History, Foreign

Also known as:
  • Musa The Warrior (2001, Canada, English title)
  • Warrior (2001, Asia: English title)
  • Warrior Princess, The (2001, working title)
  • Warriors, The (2001, informal English title)
  • Wu Shi (2001, China, Mandarin title)

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Yejeon Media YWRCD-018 Image supplied by

Yejeon Media YWRCD-018  

Korea (South) 
Release Date

Limited edition. Special packaging.

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 30
Wish list: 23

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  Track listing

1.  Death Wind (Prologue) (01:54)
2.  Proudly Chinese Power (01:14)
3.  A Mirage Of Desert (Synth Only) (02:29)
4.  Sudden Attack!! (03:40)
5.  Slave Obliges (00:18)
6.  Survival On The Desert (03:00)
7.  A Song For All (00:59)
8.  Old Mans Death (02:41)
9.  Marching Soldiers!! (02:24)
10.  Prelude To Love (01:56)
11.  The Miserable Battle (02:51)
12.  Soul Of The Warriors (03:16)
13.  A Prayer For Victory (04:06)
14.  Chase And Fight (02:09)
15.  The Ascetic Exercises (02:04)
16.  Enemys Dance (Rhythm Ver) (02:09)
17.  The Castle View (02:38)
18.  Growing Your Spirit (01:59)
19.  Dansaengs Star (02:00)
20.  The Funeral March (02:14)
21.  A Fight For Our Motherland (Voc Full) (03:16)
22.  Our Empty Heart (01:48)
23.  Everyones Heart Belongs (03:09)
24.  Unity Soul Is Here!! (03:42)
25.  Tears (02:40)
26.  Most Greatest Love In The World (03:47)
27.  Where Your Heart Belongs (Ending Theme) (06:38)
sung by Lin Qin

Total Duration: 01:11:01
Track listing contributed by Eddy

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