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Dr. Leakey And The Dawn Of Man

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Dr. Leakey And The Dawn Of Man



Dr. Leakey And The Dawn Of Man (1966)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Leonard Rosenman

Released in:

United States

"National Geographic Specials" documentary.

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Intrada Special Collection Volume 20

Intrada Special Collection Volume 20  

United States 
Release Date

Limited edition of 1500 copies.

Also contains music from:
 Last Vikings, The

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  Track listing

1.  Opening Fanfare/The Last Vikings/National Geographic Main Title (02:22)
2.  Modern Vikings (02:37)
3.  A Warrior Past (03:51)
4.  Ancient Festival/Monument to the Past (01:49)
5.  Whaling Memories/The Last Expedition/The Whale Catch/The Cost of Whaling (06:19)
6.  Ghosts of the Past (00:42)
7.  Modern Fishermen (01:49)
8.  Family Heritage (00:47)
9.  The Faeroe Islands (00:43)
10.  Grindabod/Aftermath (02:24)
11.  Shepherds (Revised) (01:17)
12.  Shepherds (Original) (01:17)
13.  Men of the Faeroes (01:11)
14.  Epilogue (02:02)
15.  The Last Vikings Theme (00:43)
tracks 1 - 15 from "The Last Vikings" by Ernest Gold (1972) total time 30'25
16.  Prologue/National Geographic Main Title (03:50)
17.  Dr. Lewis Leakey (00:59)
18.  Leakey's Early Years (04:17)
19.  Olduvai Gorge (01:58)
20.  Descending Into the Past (00:58)
21.  Bottom of the Gorge (00:39)
22.  Bumper/Nairobi (01:01)
23.  African Wildlife (02:32)
24.  Stalking Lions (00:39)
25.  Uncovering the Past/Historic Discovery/Making Headlines (04:49)
26.  The Face of Ancient Man (01:47)
27.  The Ancient World of Man (04:01)
28.  Epilogue (00:41)
tracks 16 - 28 from "Dr. Leakey and the Dawn of Man" by Leonard Rosenman (1966) total time 28'56
29.  National Geographic End Credits (00:54)

Total Duration: 00:58:58
Track listing contributed by Dorian

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