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Fa Dou Daai Jin



Fa Dou Daai Jin (2004)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Tommy Wai

Released in:

Hong Kong

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction, Foreign

Also known as:
  • Chin Gei Bin 2: Fa Dou Daai Jin (Hong Kong, Cantonese title)
  • Huadu Chronicles: Blade Of The Rose, The (International: English title)
  • Twins Effect 2 (Asia: English title)

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Emperor Entertainment Group EEG 1039v1 Image supplied by

Emperor Entertainment Group EEG 1039v1  

Hong Kong 
Release Date

2 CD Deluxe set. Double DVD sized gatefold sleeve.

Also contains music from:
 Chin Gei Bin

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  Track listing

Disc/Cassette 1

1.  Horrifying Train Station (01:16)
Disc 1 composed by Chan Kwong Wing
2.  Attractive Prince (00:28)
3.  Little Flower Blooms (00:53)
4.  Bravo Fighter (02:42)
5.  Love After Love (01:56)
6.  Vampire Castle (01:42)
7.  Lan Kwai Fever (01:52)
8.  Heart Break Restaurant (05:12)
9.  Bravado Beauties (03:01)
10.  Hot and Smoky Date (02:24)
11.  Romantic Pier (00:52)
12.  Funny MMS (00:14)
13.  Witty Banana Muffins (02:01)
14.  Fighter's Sorrow (01:23)
15.  Bat Ring (01:41)
16.  The Glorious Death (04:33)
17.  Holy Termination (01:33)
18.  Mortal Combat (06:35)
19.  Chou! Chou! Chou! (03:10)
Performed by Jackie Chan and The Twins

Disc/Cassette 2

1.  The Huada Overture (02:56)
Disc 2 composed by Tommy Wai
2.  Dumbell Auction (01:54)
3.  Run, Peachy Run! (01:25)
4.  Skirmish at the Bazaar (04:38)
5.  Marshal Edo Bowman (02:05)
6.  Back to the Palace (01:45)
7.  The Evil Queen (03:04)
8.  Bitter Memories (02:01)
9.  A Soaring Eagle (01:01)
10.  The Wandering Minsrels (01:09)
11.  Going Solo (01:06)
12.  Devoured by the Wolves (01:14)
13.  Romancing the Gondoliers (01:49)
14.  A City Haunted (02:34)
15.  The Cavemen Cometh (00:30)
16.  Excalibur by the Fall (01:32)
17.  Showdown at the Armory (04:35)
18.  Armed to the Teeth (02:24)
19.  More Than a Gigolo (01:42)
20.  Demise of the Queen (03:27)
21.  Happy Ever After (02:13)
22.  Invincible Love (03:26)
Performed by The Twins

Total Duration: 01:31:58
Track listing contributed by squiddybop

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