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Zeruda No Densetsu: Kaze No Takuto (2002)

Video Game Composer(s):
Kenta Nagata
Hajime Wakai
Toru Minegishi
Koji Kondo

Released in:

United States, Japan

Also known as:
  • Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker, The (United States)
  • Legend Of Zelda: Kaze No Takuto, The (Japan)

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Scitron Discs SCDC-00250-251 Image supplied by
Tom Floor

Scitron Discs SCDC-00250-251  

Release Date

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  Track listing

Disc/Cassette 1

1.  Title
2.  Menu Select
3.  Hero Legend
4.  Prolo Island
5.  Inside a House
6.  Old Man's House
7.  Instruction in the Art of the Sword
8.  Terry Shop
9.  A Mysterious Giant Bird Attacks
10.  Finding Tetra
11.  The Forest of Prolo Island
12.  Bokoblins Come Flying
13.  Battle
14.  Meeting with Tetra
15.  Aril Kidnapped
16.  Grandma
17.  Departure
18.  Pirates
19.  Inside the Pirate Ship
20.  Demon Beast Island Invasion 1
21.  Demon Beast Island Invasion 2
22.  Demon Beast Island
23.  Confinement
24.  Reunion with the Younger Sister
25.  Meeting with the Boat 1
26.  Meeting with the Boat 2
27.  Meeting with the Boat 3
28.  Taura Island
29.  Drugstore
30.  Dawn
31.  The Great Sea
32.  Maritime Battle
33.  The 2nd Maritime Battle
34.  Treasure Chest Get
35.  Treasure Chest Open
36.  Item Get
37.  Small Item Get
38.  Dragon Island
39.  Dragon Mountain Shrine
40.  Mini-Boss
41.  Game Over
42.  Gohma Appears
43.  Gohma Battle First Half
44.  Gohma Battle Second Half
45.  Boss Clear Fanfare
46.  Heart Container Get
47.  God Pearl Get
48.  Song of Wind (Baton)
49.  Song of Wind
50.  Baton Song Get
51.  Sailboat Game
52.  Sailboat Game Goal
53.  Sailboat Game Failure
54.  Song of Day and Night (Baton)
55.  Song of Day and Night
56.  Forest Island
57.  Inside Forest Island
58.  The Great Deku Tree's Crisis
59.  The Great Deku Tree and the Korog
60.  Forbidden Forest
61.  Karle Demos Appears
62.  Karle Demos
63.  Forest Ceremony
64.  The Tune of the Next Year's Ceremony
65.  The Cursed Great Sea
66.  Holy Shrine
67.  Jaboo
68.  Tower of the Gods Appears
69.  Tower of the Gods
70.  Song of Manipulation (Baton)
71.  Godon Appears
72.  Godon
73.  To Hyrule

Disc/Cassette 2

1.  Sealed Hyrule Castle
2.  Master Sword Get
3.  Hyrule Castle
4.  Phantom Ganon
5.  Rescuing Aril 1
6.  Rescuing Aril 2
7.  Rescuing Aril 3
8.  Rescuing Aril 4
9.  Rescuing Aril 5
10.  The Tower of Demon Beast Island
11.  Zeeklock Appears
12.  Zeeklock
13.  Ganondorf of Demon Beast Island
14.  The Mysterious Stone's True Character
15.  King Hyrule Appears
16.  Zelda Awakens
17.  Princess Zelda's Theme
18.  Song of Gales (Baton)
19.  Song of Gales
20.  Fairy's Fountain
21.  Fairy Queen
22.  Dungeon
23.  Song of the Earth God (Baton)
24.  The Sage Ralt
25.  Medori Awakens
26.  Song of the Earth God
27.  Earth Temple
28.  Jai Harla Appears
29.  Jai Harla
30.  Medori Prays
31.  Song of the Wind God (Baton)
32.  The Sage Fod
33.  Macole Awakens
34.  Song of the Wind God
35.  Wind Temple
36.  Moldo Geira Appears
37.  Moldo Geira
38.  Macole Prays
39.  The Hero of Wind
40.  Ganon Castle
41.  Gohma First Half (2nd Time)
42.  Gohma Second Half (2nd Time)
43.  Karle Demos (2nd Time)
44.  Jai Harla (2nd Time)
45.  Moldo Geira (2nd Time)
46.  The Lost Room
47.  Before Puppet Ganon Battle
48.  Puppet Ganon (Puppet Mode)
49.  Puppet Ganon Transformation
50.  Puppet Ganon (Spider Mode)
51.  Puppet Ganon (Worm Mode)
52.  After Puppet Ganon Battle
53.  Before Ganondorf Battle
54.  Ganondorf Battle
55.  Parting with King Hyrule
56.  Ending
57.  Staff Credits
58.  Epilogue
59.  Aril's Theme
60.  Game Demo

Track listing contributed by Anakin McFly

Compilation Albums

Silva Screen Records SILED4608

Silva Screen Records SILED4608  

Great Britain 
Release Date
Available as download.

Also contains music from:
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 Gears Of War 3
 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
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This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Essential Games Music Collection Vol. 1, The

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