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Quale amore



Quale amore (2006)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Lele Marchitelli

Released in:

Switzerland, Italy

Comedy, Romance

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CAM 515382-2

CAM 515382-2  

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Collection: 8
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  Track listing

1.  Solitario (01:24)
2.  Quale Amore (02:02)
3.  Le Cose Chè Si Svelano (01:22)
4.  Uno Di Loro (00:59)
5.  Incubo (02:28)
6.  Antonia, Solo Lei (01:52)
7.  Transparenze Ritmiche (01:58)
8.  Le Vuote Gemme (04:14)
9.  Adagio Sostenuto - Presto (10:56)
From Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 9, A-Minor, Opus No.47 ("Kreutzersonate"), composed by Ludwig van Beethoven
10.  Variazioni Di Volo (02:36)
11.  Pioggia Fredda (03:31)
12.  Indecisa La Sera (01:46)
13.  Beyond The Sea (03:35)
Performed by Vanessa Incontrada
14.  Mondo Allucinato (00:53)
15.  La Storia Di Nessuno (05:06)
16.  P Per Piano (02:20)
17.  Verso Casa (01:49)
18.  Solitario Finale (01:25)

Total Duration: 00:50:16
Track listing contributed by coma

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