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Nad Niemnem



Nad Niemnem (1987)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Andrzej Kurylewicz

Released in:


Also known as:
  • On The Banks Of The Niemen (United States, video title)
  • River Niemen, The

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Compilation Albums

Olympia OCD 605 Image supplied by
Adam Krysinski (

Olympia OCD 605  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Polskie Drogi

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Andrzej Kurylewicz: Film Music

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Collection: 9
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  Track listing

1.  Opening (Czolowka) (02:39)
Tracks 01-07 from "POLISH ROADS" ("POLSKIE DROGI") - 1978
2.  A Charge (Szarza) (00:59)
3.  The Church At Gorce (Kosciol w Gorcach) (01:14)
4.  Christmas Carols (Koleda) (01:28)
5.  Palmiry Wood Execution (Palmiry i Smierc) (05:38)
6.  A German Patrol (Patrol Niemiecki) (01:32)
7.  The Night Of 17th September (Noc 17 Wrzesnia) (01:42)
8.  Prelude & Opening (Preludium i Czolowka) (06:18)
Tracks 08-10 from "ON THE NIEMEN RIVER" ("NAD NIEMNEM") - 1986
9.  The Niemen River (Rzeka Niemen) (04:51)
10.  Postlude & Caption Music (Postludium i Muzyka Pod Napisy) (01:46)
11.  Opening (Czolowka) (01:21)
Tracks 11-15 from "THE DOLL" ("LALKA") - 1978
12.  Zaslawska Waltz (Walc Zaslawskiej) (02:35)
13.  The Shop In Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street (Sklep Na Krakowskim Przedmiesciu) (02:53)
14.  Wakulski And Isabella (Wokulski i Izabela) (02:00)
15.  Students & The Lodgers (Panowie Studenci) (02:17)
16.  Opening (Czolowka) (03:59)
Tracks 16-25 from "MR. TADEUSZ" ("PAN TADEUSZ") - 1978 , Theatrical Production
17.  The Foray (Zajazd) (01:44)
18.  The Death Of Jacek Soplica (Smierc Jacka Soplicy) (03:30)
19.  Gerwazy (Gerwazy) (06:25)
20.  The Hunting (Polowanie) (01:32)
21.  Telimena And Zosia (Telimena i Zosia) (03:43)
22.  The Dabrowski Mazurka (Mazurek Dabrowskiego) (01:46)
23.  Jankiel's Dulcimer Concert (Koncert Jankiela) (02:59)
24.  The Lithuanian Forrest (Litewski Bor) (03:35)
25.  The Polonaise (Polonez) (04:22)

Total Duration: 01:12:48
Track listing contributed by Adam Krysinski (

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