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Botte Di Natale



Botte Di Natale (1994)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Pino Donaggio

Released in:

Germany, Italy, United States

Comedy, Western, Family

Also known as:
  • Trouble Makers, The (1994, United States, alternative title)
  • Night Before Christmas, The (1994, United States)
  • Fight Before Christmas, The (1994, United States, alternative title)
  • Troublemaker, Die (1995, Germany)
  • Troublemakers (1994, United States)

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Recording info from Sud Ovest Records - Italy.

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Epic Records EPC 478431-2 Image supplied by
Robert Muller

Epic Records EPC 478431-2  

Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  I'm Coming Home (04:46)
vocal by Terri Nunn
2.  Unspoken Love (04:05)
vocal by Terri Nunn
3.  The Fight Before Christmas (01:36)
4.  Moses Gets Back Home (01:46)
5.  The Beginning Of A Journey (01:24)
6.  The Night Of Peace (03:34)
7.  Christmas Flight (04:30)
8.  Stone (02:10)
9.  The Family (01:12)
10.  The Prairie (01:30)
11.  Bank Robbery (04:30)
12.  Sunset (01:43)
13.  Crossroad Fight (03:02)
14.  Tea And Cookies (02:30)
15.  Travis And Bridget (02:02)
16.  Snakebite (02:08)
17.  The Waiting (01:27)
18.  A Reunited Family (01:30)
19.  Blackmail Hill (03:25)
20.  Moses In The Desert (01:19)
21.  Marshall Fox (02:29)
22.  The Return Of Ringo (02:30)
23.  The Awakening (01:08)
24.  Travis (01:03)
25.  The Choice (00:54)
26.  Attempt To Escape (02:33)
27.  Moses' Plan (01:48)
28.  The Final Journey (01:42)
29.  Mother's Farm (01:03)

Total Duration: 01:05:19
Track listing contributed by tbetts

Compilation Albums

Music Market MMCD 628

Music Market MMCD 628  

Original Release Title
Volume 2 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 ...Continuavano A Chiamarlo TrinitÓ
 Genio, Due Compari, Un Pollo, Un
 Nati Con La Camicia
 Non C'Ŕ Due Senza Quattro
 Piedone A Hong Kong
 Porgi L'Altra Guancia
 Viva Django

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Super Bud Spencer & Terence Hill

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Collection: 3
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