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A To Z Of British TV Themes, The Vol.3

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A To Z Of British TV Themes, The Vol.3



A To Z Of British TV Themes, The Vol.3 (1996)

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Great Britain

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Great Britain 
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Collection: 22
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  Track listing

1.  The Beiderbecke Connection (Cryin' All Day) (02:34)
Trumbauer - Morehouse - The Frank Ricotti All Stars
2.  Blake's 7 (03:20)
Dudley Simpson
3.  Blott on the Landscape (02:03)
Dave Mackay
4.  Dangerfield (02:58)
Nigel Hess
5.  Dempsey & Makepeace (02:30)
Alan Parker - The South Bank Orchestra
6.  Doctor Finlay's Casebook (March from A Little Suite) (02:54)
Trevor Duncan
7.  Emergency Ward 10 (Silks & Satins) (03:01)
Peter Yorke
8.  Hetty Winthropp Investigates (02:44)
Nigel Hess
9.  International Detective (02:41)
Edwin Astley
10.  Just William (02:43)
Nigel Hess
11.  Lovejoy (02:10)
Denis King
12.  Midweek (02:40)
John Scott
13.  Nationwide (The Good Word) (02:50)
John Scott
14.  The Newcomers (Fancy Dance) (01:57)
John Barry
15.  The One Game (Saylon Dola) (03:07)
16.  Poirot (02:12)
Christopher Gunning
17.  The Professionals (02:59)
Laurie Johnson - The South Bank Orchestra
18.  The Ruth Rendell Mysteries (02:30)
Brian Bennett
19.  Sexton Blake (02:05)
The Vic Flick Sound
20.  Shoestring (02:47)
George Fenton
21.  Ski Sunday (Pop Looks Bach) (02:05)
Sam Fonteyn
22.  The Sweeney (02:41)
Harry South
23.  Terry and June (Bell Hop) (02:39)
John Shakespeare
24.  This Is Your Life (Gala Performance) (01:45)
Laurie Johnson
25.  The Trials of Life (End Title) (02:09)
George Fenton
26.  When The Boat Comes In (Dance Ti Thi Daddy) (03:13)
Trad. arr. Fanshawe - Performed by Alex Glasgow
27.  Wish Me Luck (03:12)
Jim Parker
28.  Woof! (03:19)
Paul Lewis - Performed by The Paul Lewis Woof Band
29.  World of Sport (World of Sport March) (01:44)
Don Jackson
30.  Wycliffe (02:50)
Nigel Hess

Total Duration: 01:18:22
Track listing contributed by Julian K

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