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Dark Void



Dark Void (2009)

Video Game Composer(s):
Bear McCreary

Released in:

United States

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Sumthing Else SE-2077-2 Image supplied by
Adam Krysinski (

Sumthing Else SE-2077-2  

United States 
Release Date

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Collection: 32
Wish list: 2

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  Track listing

1.  Theme from Dark Void (02:56)
2.  Prologue and Main Title (02:10)
3.  Village Attack (01:47)
4.  A Mysterious Jungle (04:20)
5.  Altar Sacrifice (01:09)
6.  Archon (03:19)
7.  Ava and The Rocket (01:02)
8.  Tesla's Laboratory (01:21)
9.  The Prophesized One (02:58)
10.  Taking Flight (02:21)
11.  Crash Site (03:09)
12.  Void Requiem (07:49)
13.  Ava and Tesla Return (00:46)
14.  Above the Canopy (05:01)
15.  Hieroglyphs and Betrayal (03:03)
16.  Defending the Ark (05:45)
17.  The Collector (03:18)
18.  Survivor Camp Combat (06:17)
19.  The Watcher Airship (02:52)
20.  Watcher Prison (03:19)
21.  The Imperator (01:22)
22.  Will and Ava (01:52)
23.  The Dweller (03:46)
24.  Ava's Sacrifice (03:16)
25.  Will at the River (00:37)
26.  Dark Void End Credits (02:02)
27.  Theme from Dark Void (Mega Version) [Bonus Track] (01:53)

Total Duration: 01:19:30
Track listing contributed by JuPe

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