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Saam Gwok Dzi Gin Lung Se Gap



Saam Gwok Dzi Gin Lung Se Gap (2008)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Henry Lai

Released in:

Hong Kong, South Korea, China

Action, Drama, Eastern, History, Foreign

Also known as:
  • Three Kingdoms: Resurrection Of The Dragon (International: English title)

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Java Music Productions JMP09-STK01 Image supplied by

Java Music Productions JMP09-STK01  

Hong Kong 
Release Date

Comes with a bonus DVD and in an infuriating, impossibly complicated and unmanageable package.

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  Track listing

1.  Three Kingdoms (04:26)
2.  Story of Luo Ping An (03:40)
3.  The Ambush Squad (09:12)
4.  Save the Young Lord (08:49)
5.  Love Theme (04:55)
6.  Shu March (04:16)
7.  The Five Generals (03:28)
8.  The Northern Expedition (01:20)
9.  The Dust Bowl (03:13)
10.  The Siege (01:54)
11.  The Karmic Wheel (01:59)
12.  The Romance of the Princess (01:58)
13.  Deng Zhi (00:56)
14.  Wei Funeral (03:03)
15.  Shu Requiem (02:47)
16.  Returning the Sword (02:36)
17.  The Duel (05:43)
18.  Zhao Army (01:45)
19.  Battle on the Phoenix Height (03:25)
20.  After the Snow (03:02)
21.  Resurrection of the Dragon (02:22)
22.  Zhao Zilong (02:24)

Total Duration: 01:17:13
Track listing contributed by hazmat

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