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Fantastic Television (1997)

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United States

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GNP Crescendo GNPD 8051  

United States 
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Collection: 13
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  Track listing

1.  The X-Files (Space Station Mix) - Neil Norman (05:36)
Mark Snow
2.  Seaquest DSV (01:35)
John Debney
3.  Tekwar: The Series (00:48)
Fred Mollin
4.  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (04:14)
Dennis McCarthy
5.  Quantum Leap - Prologue/Main Title (03:07)
Mike Post
6.  Star Trek: Voyager (03:08)
Jerry Goldsmith
7.  Suite From "V" (05:28)
Dennis McCarthy
8.  War Of The Worlds: Survival Theme (00:58)
Fred Mollin
9.  The Outer Limits - Neil Norman (01:29)
Dominic Frontiere
10.  The Green Hornet Theme - Buddy Merrill (01:55)
Billy May
11.  Beyond Reality (00:43)
Fred Mollin
12.  UFO - Neil Norman (01:21)
Barry Gray
13.  Space: 1999 - Neil Norman (01:34)
Derek Wadsworth
14.  The Lonely Man Theme (from ''The Incredible Hulk") (01:27)
Joe Harnell
15.  The High Chapparal - Billy Strange (02:44)
16.  The Young Riders (01:11)
John Debney
17.  Gunsmoke - Billy Strange (02:51)
18.  Bonanza - Billy Strange (01:59)
Ray Evans
19.  Paladin - Billy Strange (01:44)
20.  Hawkeye (01:03)
Joel Goldsmith
21.  Ballad Of Jed Clampett (from "The Beverly Hillbillies") - Don Parmley (01:48)
Paul Henning
22.  The Untouchables (01:47)
Joel Goldsmith
23.  I Spy - Billy Strange (01:32)
Earle H. Hagen
24.  Get Smart - Billy Strange (02:16)
Irving Szathmary
25.  The Rockford Files - Billy Strange (02:04)
Mike Post
26.  Forever Knight (01:41)
Fred Mollin
27.  The Munsters - Billy Strange (01:54)
Jack Marshall
28.  The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - The Challengers (01:42)

Total Duration: 00:59:39
Track listing contributed by serifiot

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