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Affaire D'état, Une



Affaire D'état, Une (2009)

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  • State Affairs

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Milan Music/Les Chauves-Souris 399 330-2  

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Collection: 2
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  Track listing

1.  Une Affaire d'Etat - Main Theme (02:38)
2.  Dangerous Cargo Over the Congo (00:39)
3.  Chillout Chez Mado (02:44)
4.  Une Affaire d'Etat - OpeningTitles (01:40)
5.  Nail Gun Attack In Artspace (01:08)
6.  Introducing Fernandez (00:58)
7.  Chardon Under Surveillance: To Anyone Listening (01:03)
8.  A Farewell To Chardon (01:50)
9.  The Accidental Death of Katryn In A Car Park? (00:49)
10.  Rendezvous With Macquart (01:41)
11.  Victor Bornand: A Man Alone (00:54)
12.  Who Is Mado? (00:40)
13.  Fernandez In The Mirror (01:24)
14.  Bonfils' Last Chase (01:06)
15.  Fernandez Tension Theme (01:51)
16.  Accordionist On The Bridge (00:39)
17.  Rendezvous In Jean XXIII Square (02:04)
18.  Every Picture Tells The Same Story (01:04)
19.  All Is Not Well For Bornand (01:02)
20.  Shed A Tear For Mado (01:27)
21.  Last Words Of A Condemned Man (01:03)
22.  Buriying The Past And The Past Still Yet To Come (02:38)
23.  Fernandez Leaves It All Behind (01:06)
24.  Chase To Sacré Cœur (02:43)
25.  No Escape For Fernandez (00:35)
26.  Police Escort To Freedom (01:06)
27.  Il Ritorno Di Ringo (02:16)
28.  Une Affaire d'Etat - Aftermath (03:24)
29.  To Anyone Counting (04:14)
30.  Une Affaire d'Etat - End Titles (04:10)

Total Duration: 00:50:36
Track listing contributed by Frank Marquet

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