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Red Faction Guerrilla

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Red Faction Guerrilla (2009)

Video Game Composer(s):
Jake Kaufman
Timothy Wynn
George Oldziey
Raison Varner
Dan Wentz

Released in:

United States

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Adam Krysinski (

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United States 
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Available as download.

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  Track listing

1.  Main Theme (Defiance) (02:30)
2.  Prelude (01:00)
3.  Uprising (01:45)
4.  End Of The Beginning (01:43)
5.  Hearts And Minds (01:11)
6.  Children Of Stars (01:10)
7.  The Way To Redemption (01:52)
8.  Genesis (01:39)
Composed by Timothy Wynn

9.  Uprising Ambience (18:52)
10.  Uprising Combat (16:55)
11.  Oppression Ambience (13:37)
12.  Oppression Combat (15:40)
Composed by Jake Kaufman, Rasion Verner, Dan Wentz

13.  Vindication Ambience (13:04)
14.  Vindication Combat (15:32)
Composed by Jake Kaufman, Dan Wentz

15.  Subvert (05:47)
Composed by Jake Kaufman

16.  Mission Evade (05:56)
Composed by Jake Kaufman, Dan Wentz

17.  Mission Destroy (05:58)
18.  Mission Capstone (06:20)
19.  Mission Final (05:55)
20.  Demolitions Master Activity (05:22)
Composed by Jake Kaufman

21.  Faction (05:01)
22.  Accused (05:11)
23.  Calm (05:10)
24.  Storm (04:53)
25.  Condemnation (05:12)
26.  Grinder (04:57)
27.  Hunter (04:55)
28.  Lamb To Slaughter (05:19)
29.  Poltergeist (05:00)
30.  Synergy (05:09)
31.  Two Ton Heavy Thing (05:02)
Composed by George Oldziey, Dan Wentz

32.  Bar Radio Loop Sketches (02:04)
Composed by Jake Kaufman

Total Duration: 03:19:41
Track listing contributed by edern

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