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Agents Of Secret Stuff (2010)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
George Shaw

Released in:

United States

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Tom Floor

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United States 
Release Date

Promotional release available through the composer's site.

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  Track listing

1.  Agents Of Secret Stuff (01:43)
2.  Training To Be An ASS (03:34)
3.  Prime Locker Estate (00:48)
4.  Danger Lurks (00:58)
5.  Slippery Floors (00:32)
6.  Get Out Of My Room (00:24)
7.  Double Rainbow Girly Cookies (00:59)
8.  Blade In The Flower (01:11)
9.  Date Chase (01:49)
10.  It's A Trap (00:58)
11.  My Only Friend (00:30)
12.  Saved By A Girl (01:48)
13.  Angry Asian Girl (01:16)
14.  Ruining The Moment (00:27)
15.  Are You My Father? (03:06)
16.  Trust Issues (00:58)
17.  Anger Unleashed (01:17)
18.  A Father's Sacrifice (01:38)
19.  Agents On The Inside (02:00)
20.  The World Is Saved (00:33)
Tracks 1-20: ASS Original Soundtrack

Other Wong Fu Collaboration Bonus Tracks

21.  Whimsicle Yogurt (00:17)
22.  Rock Rym (00:16)
23.  Annoying Admirer (00:44)
24.  Unemployed Life Is Good (00:55)

These Four Walls
25.  These Four Walls (03:55)

Technology Ruins Romance
26.  1st Competition (02:28)
27.  Coffe Shop Meet (02:44)
28.  In Serious Trouble (02:14)

Up In Da Club
29.  Crunch Some Numbers (00:26)
30.  Freaking Loser (00:23)
31.  Passed Out Drunk (00:35)

What The Flush
32.  Bad Combover (00:43)
33.  Experimental Recipes (00:57)
34.  Hair Loss (00:26)
35.  Familiar Scent (01:04)

Spencer In Yo Fayce!
36.  Sales Pitch (01:54)
37.  Bad News Phone Call (01:28)

Just A Nice Guy
38.  Nice Guy Finishes First (01:27)

Total Duration: 00:49:25
Track listing contributed by edern

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