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Flashback (2011)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
George Shaw

Released in:

United States

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Tom Floor

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United States 
Release Date
Available through the composer's web site (also as download).

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Collection: 3
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  Track listing

1.  Dawn Of Cinema (01:21)
2.  Flashback's Mission (01:50)
3.  Backlot Tour (02:15)
4.  Wasting Our Money (02:03)
5.  Dreaming Of Adventure (00:44)
6.  Living For Dad (01:30)
7.  Secret Project (01:51)
8.  IMT Incident (01:33)
9.  Tarantino Bot (03:05)
10.  Meeting A Fantasy Girl (00:59)
11.  Give Me Some Jack (03:05)
12.  Date With A Star (02:47)
13.  Not On My Watch (01:04)
14.  Dodging Media (01:46)
15.  Time Lab (01:36)
16.  Return To Flashback (01:54)
17.  All The Time In The World (01:34)
18.  Bad News, Bad Robot (02:39)
19.  Pesky Reporters (01:35)
20.  Shocking! (02:23)
21.  Saber Duel (03:17)
22.  OMG Bomb! (02:41)
23.  Burton Returns (00:52)
24.  Ship Of The Damned Funny (00:49)
25.  Control Of The Studio (01:45)
26.  Studio Uprising (05:23)
27.  Father From The Past (01:32)
28.  Hollywood Ending (02:21)

Total Duration: 00:56:14
Track listing contributed by edern

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