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A To Z Of British TV Themes, The Vol.4

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A To Z Of British TV Themes, The Vol.4



A To Z Of British TV Themes, The Vol.4 (1998)

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Great Britain

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Great Britain 
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  Track listing

1.  The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickelby (02:05)
Stephen Oliver - Orchestra Conducted by Harry Rabinowitz
2.  Ask The Family (Sun Ride) (01:01)
John Leach
3.  Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (Back With The Boys Again) (03:14)
Dave Mackay and Ken Ashby - Performed by Joe Fagin
4.  BBC Wimbledon (Light and Tuneful) (01:34)
Keith Mansfield
5.  Big Deal (03:36)
Bobby G
6.  The Big Match (La Soiree) (02:36)
Dave Ordini
7.  Bird of Prey (01:19)
Dave Greenslade
8.  Campion (02:28)
Nigel Hess - The London Film Orchestra Conducted by Nigel Hess
9.  Crimewatch UK (Rescue Helicopter) (02:29)
John Cameron
10.  Did You See? (Think Big) (02:06)
Francis Monkman
11.  Follyfoot (The Lightning Tree) (02:38)
Stephen Francis - Performed by The Settlers
12.  Grandstand (News Scoop) (01:19)
Len Stevens
13.  Holiday (Heartsong) (05:02)
Gordon Giltrap
14.  Jamaica Inn (02:16)
Francis Shaw - The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Francis Shaw
15.  Kinsey (01:44)
Dave Greenslade
16.  Maigret (02:51)
Nigel Hess
17.  Mastermind (Approaching Menace) (02:09)
Neil Richardson
18.  On The Buses (Happy Harry) (01:52)
Tony Russell
19.  People in London (Spanish Armada) (02:51)
Jones and Porter - Performed by the Les Reed Combo
20.  Porterhouse Blue (03:12)
Rick Lloyd - Performed by The Flying Pickets
21.  Quatermass II (Mars, The Bringer of War) (03:50)
Gustav Holst - Performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic - Conducted by Nic Raine
22.  Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (03:01)
Edwin Astley - Performed by The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra Conducted by Mike Townsend
23.  Resort to Murder (A Thief in the Night) (04:12)
Bill Connor
24.  Shadow of the Noose (Salve Me) (03:07)
Duncan Browne - Performed by Isobel Buchanan
25.  Sportsview (Saturday Sports) (02:46)
Wilfred Burns
26.  Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Main Title) (01:34)
Geoffrey Burgon - Performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra Conucted by Geoffrey Burgon
27.  Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Nunc Dimitis) (02:16)
Geoffrey Burgon - Performed by Leslie Garret
28.  Travelling Man (Max's Theme) (03:10)
Duncan Browne
29.  Whicker's World (The Trendsetters) (02:36)
Laurie Johnson
30.  The World of Tim Fraser (The Willow Waltz) (03:06)
Cyril Watters

Total Duration: 01:18:00
Track listing contributed by Julian K

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