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Surviving Georgia



Surviving Georgia (2011)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Brett Aplin

Released in:



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The album download comes with BONUS artwork including booklet and inlays from the physical CD.

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  Track listing

1.  Introducing Georgia (02:47)
2.  Surviving Georgia Theme (01:42)
3.  The City (00:52)
4.  Rose's Pink Letter (00:59)
5.  Heidi and The Glass Factory (01:04)
6.  James Longs For Heidi (00:49)
7.  Frank Tells The Girls (01:50)
8.  She's Not At The Cemetery (01:49)
9.  She Lied To Us (01:02)
10.  Georgia Appears (01:50)
11.  Sandy and Her Wedding (01:02)
12.  Fly Fishing (02:34)
13.  Heidi Visits Georgia (Bonus Track) (00:57)
14.  James and Heidi Have Lunch (01:04)
15.  Georgia and Heidi Go For A Drive (Bonus Track) (00:44)
16.  Georgia's Apology (01:05)
17.  Johnnie Leaves (02:24)
18.  Rose Confronts Georgia (01:58)
19.  Heidi's Heart (03:09)
20.  Albie (01:11)
21.  All That You Love (03:26)

Total Duration: 00:34:18
Track listing contributed by Alan Rogers

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