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Hollywoo (2011)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Philippe Rombi

Released in:



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SME Strategic Marketing Group No label number Image supplied by
Frank Marquet

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  Track listing

1.  Introduction L.A. Couples (00:57)
2.  Dieu m'a donné la foi (Album Version) (03:59)
Ophélie Winter
3.  L'agent (01:07)
4.  Chez Jeanne (00:53)
5.  In The Morning (03:44)
6.  Nowhere To Run (Single Version) (02:55)
Martha & The Vandellas
7.  Walk Of Fame (00:46)
8.  How You Like Me Now ? (03:35)
The Heavy
9.  Le gardien pakistanais (00:29)
10.  Hollywood - Not on the list (02:00)
11.  Goldman (00:37)
12.  Le tournage Paramount (00:48)
13.  The Seed 2.0 (04:31)
The Roots feat. Cody Chesnutt
14.  Arrivée de Jeanne (00:48)
15.  La soirée caritative (01:41)
16.  Farres (01:36)
17.  Salon VIP (01:14)
18.  Jeanne rencontre Jennifer (02:01)
19.  Issue de secours (01:07)
20.  Pass The Dutchie (Original 7" Version) (03:26)
Musical Youth
21.  Chez Jennifer (00:55)
22.  Gonna Make You Sweat (04:10)
Aerobic Stars
23.  Jeanne and Farres's Song (01:56)
24.  Veilleur de nuit (00:56)
25.  Shopping (00:35)
26.  Le casse / La sex-tape (01:10)
27.  Séduction / Manipulations (02:11)
28.  Fausse noyade (00:27)
29.  Imposture (01:27)
30.  Séparation et retrouvailles (02:55)
31.  Départ de Jeanne (01:25)

Total Duration: 00:56:21
Track listing contributed by Frank Marquet

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