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Vierte Macht, Die



Vierte Macht, Die (2012)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Heiko Maile

Released in:



Also known as:
  • Fourth State, The

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Alhambra A 9007

Alhambra A 9007  

Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Welcome to Moscow (04:34)
Arrival at Domodedovo Airport Meeting Katya The Hidden Chamber
2.  The Assassination (03:30)
The Assassination He Was a Good Guy
Do You Work Here? Katya's Dispute with Nevsky
3.  Katya and Paul (05:57)
Katya and Paul This Is Not Berlin
This Looks Like the Secret Service Searching Files
4.  Get Out Of Russia (05:52)
Get Out of Russia Awakening in Prison Suspected Terrorist Activities
5.  I'm In Here by Mistake (06:27)
I'm In Here by Mistake We're Not! Seven Months Welcome to Little Chechnya
6.  Little Chechnya (06:25)
What Would You Do, Journalist? Aslan Goes Down Killing the Snitcher
7.  Your Bird Can't Sing Anymore! (04:39)
Your Bird Can't Sing Anymore! Aslan Is Dead
Shamil's Attack The Abyss Sign Here, Mr. Jensen
8.  Paul's Escape (05:46)
Shouldn't We Turn Right? Out of the Car
Escape to Dima Trying to Get the Bus to Kiev
9.  Going Underground (05:06)
Going Underground I Thought You Were Dead Fighting with the Agent
10.  That's a Safe Place (03:55)
That's a Safe Place On the Stairs Wakefully
11.  It Can't Get Any Worse (03:33)
Back to Norbert's Room It Can't Get Any Worse
In the Archive Finding the CD-ROM
12.  Norbert's Research (04:42)
Norbert's Research Maybe the Time Was Right
13.  Goodbye Katya (03:26)
Goodbye Katya Talking to Onjegin
14.  Publish that Article! (04:59)
Publish that Article! Give Me the Gun
15.  Russia Deserves the Truth (05:55)
Suite: Security Check Paul's Getaway Russia Deserves the Truth
16.  Prison Wall (03:18)
End Titles
17.  Wakefully (01:22)
Bonus Track

Total Duration: 01:19:26
Track listing contributed by handstand

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