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Cowgirls N' Angels



Cowgirls N' Angels (2012)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Alan Williams

Released in:

United States


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Silverscreen Music SMCD028

Silverscreen Music SMCD028  

United States 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Ida (01:32)
2.  Ida and Horse (00:54)
3.  The Postcard (00:53)
4.  Meeting Mr. Parker (01:17)
5.  Night Stable Ride (00:51)
6.  Ida Rides for Sweethearts (01:26)
7.  Naming Prince (01:07)
8.  You'll Fit in Just Fine (01:41)
9.  He's Gone (01:02)
10.  I Knew Your Daddy (01:11)
11.  Breaking In (01:36)
12.  Telling the Truth (01:03)
13.  I've Never Met Him Before (01:57)
14.  Looking for Walker (01:01)
15.  I Choose Love (01:15)
16.  Not Even Knowing (00:56)
17.  Ida Alone in Arena (01:26)
18.  Terrence Faints (01:16)
19.  Stop Trying to Replace My Daddy (01:43)
20.  Photos (05:00)
21.  Terrence Returns (01:22)
22.  Ida and Dad (01:16)
23.  Sweethearts Ride (00:45)
24.  The Hippodrome (02:33)
25.  Cowgirls n' Angels (02:43)

Total Duration: 00:37:46
Track listing contributed by Ivan Sorokin

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