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Sci-fi's Greatest Hits Vol. 1: Final Frontiers

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Sci-fi's Greatest Hits Vol. 1: Final Frontiers



Sci-fi's Greatest Hits Vol. 1: Final Frontiers (1999)

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United States

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TVT Records 1950-2 Image supplied by
Thomas Humpa

TVT Records 1950-2  

United States 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  2001: A Space Odyssey
2.  Star Wars
3.  The Empire Strikes Back
4.  Return Of The Jedi
5.  Star Trek
6.  Star Trek: The Next Generation
7.  Lost In Space
(1965 tv theme)
8.  Lost In Space
(1967 tv theme)
9.  Lost In Space
10.  Battlestar Gallactica
11.  Space: 1999
12.  Buck Rogers In The 25th Century
13.  Babylon 5
14.  The Black Hole
15.  Alien
16.  The Abyss
17.  Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
18.  Journey To The Center Of The Earth
19.  Land Of The Giants
20.  Planet Of The Apes
21.  Time Tunnel
22.  Fireball XL-5
23.  Dr. Who
24.  Stargate
25.  Total Recall
26.  Blade Runner
27.  Tron
28.  Strange Days
29.  VR.5
30.  Space Above & Beyond
31.  Inside Space
32.  Welcome To Paradox
33.  Mission: Genesis

Track listing contributed by William Wass

TVT Records/Edel 0044262ERE  

Release Date

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Collection: 4
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  Track listing

1.  The Outer Limits - The Control Voice Introduction and Main Title
(L. Stevens / D. Frontiere)
2.  The Twilight Zone - Main Theme
(M. Constant)
3.  Alfred Hitchcock Presents
(C. Gounod)
4.  Dark Shadows
(R. Cobert)
5.  Night Gallery
(G. Melle / E. Sauter)
6.  Kolchak: The Night Stalker
(G. Melle)
7.  Ripley's Believe It Or Not
(J. Weiss / H. Mancini)
8.  Creepshow - End Title
(J. Harrison)
9.  Tales From the Darkside - Main Title
(D. Rubinstein / E. Lindsay) from the TV series
10.  Tales From the Crypt - Main Title
(D. Elfman)
11.  The Incredible Shrinking Man - Main Title
(H. J. Salter)
12.  Scanners - Main Title
(H. Shore)
13.  The Fly - Main Title
(H. Shore)
14.  Videodrome - 801 A/B (edit)
(H. Shore)
15.  A Clockwork Orange - Main Title From Henry Purcell's Music For the Funeral of Queen Mary
(W. Carlos / R. Elkind)
16.  The Omen - Ave Satani
(J. Goldsmith)
17.  Halloween - Main Title
(J. Carpenter)
18.  Hellraiser
(C. Young)
19.  Suspiria
(D. Argento / Goblin)
20.  Poltergeist - End Title: Carol Ann's Theme
(J. Goldsmith)
21.  Dracula: The Series - Main Title
(R. Cobert)
22.  Forever Knight - Forever Knight Theme
(F. Mollin)
23.  The Hunger - Beach House
(M. Rubini / D. Jaeger)
24.  12 Monkeys - Introduction From Suite Punta del Este
(A. Piazzolla)
25.  The Prisoner - Theme From The Prisoner
(R. Grainer)
26.  Nowhere Man - Main Title
(M. Snow)
27.  Friday the 13th: The Series - Main Title
(F. Mollin)
28.  Beyond Reality - Main Title
(F. Mollin)
29.  The Odyssey - Main Title
(F. Mollin)
30.  The Outer Limits - Main Title
(D. Bergeaud) from the 1995 TV series
31.  Dark City - Into the City
(T. Jones)
32.  Beetlejuice - Main Title
(D. Elfman) from the animated series
33.  Edward Scissorhands - Main Title
(D. Elfman)
34.  Labyrinth - Opening Titles
(D. Bowie / T. Jones) performed by David Bowie
35.  Mystery Science Theater 3000
(C. Erickson / J. Hodgson)
36.  The X-Files - Main Title
(M. Snow)

Track listing contributed by georgelopez19

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