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Jack The Giant Slayer



Jack The Giant Slayer (2013)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
John Ottman

Released in:

United States

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance

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WaterTower Music no label number

WaterTower Music no label number  

United States 
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  Track listing

1.  Jack And Isabelle (Theme From "Jack The Giant Slayer") (03:56)
2.  Logo Mania (01:00)
3.  To Cloister (01:28)
4.  The Climb (02:41)
5.  Fee Appears (03:16)
6.  How Do You Do (02:23)
7.  Why Do People Scream? (03:17)
8.  Story Of The Giants (03:22)
9.  Welcome To Gantua (04:12)
10.  Power Of The Crown (01:21)
11.  Not Wildly Keen On Heights (02:19)
12.  Top Of The World (02:30)
13.  The Legends Are True / First Kiss (03:43)
14.  Roderick's Demise / The Beanstalk Falls (05:36)
15.  Kitchen Nightmare (03:24)
16.  Onward And Downward! (03:19)
17.  Waking A Sleeping Giant (02:21)
18.  Chase To Cloister (05:19)
19.  Goodbyes (02:29)
20.  The Battle (05:31)
21.  Sniffing Out Fear / All Is Lost (05:07)
22.  The New King / Stories (04:17)

Total Duration: 01:12:51
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