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Paolo Vivaldi's Ghost Son
28-Sep-2006 - CAM Original Soundtracks in Italy has released Ghost Son, a paranormal thriller and a love story that happens once in a life time and lasts forever, directed by Lamberto Bava (son of legendary horror film director, Mario Bava). She is Stacey, he is Mark. On his farm, they are out of time and out of space in those never ending plains made of dawns and sunsets, where one feels mysterious presences. Stacey is happy, her love for Mark makes her feel alive and fulfilled. Then, one day Mark disappears, nevertheless she knows he won't ever leave her alone. The original score is composed and conducted by Paolo Vivaldi and performed by the Orchestra di Roma, with on the first violin Antonio Pellegrino.
For more info and ordering, visit CAM Original Soundtracks.

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