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Henry Mancini's Lifeforce
12-Oct-2006 - Finally it's here, the complete score for Lifeforce, released by BuySoundtrax. The CD contains the complete original score composed by Henry Mancini, the additional music by Michael Kamen, and the film version of Grandson of Web, in addition to the original soundtrack album. Mancini composed a provocative, dramatic and dynamic orchestral score, an hour and forty minutes of music, which mostly fell victim to the cutting room floor. When Mancini did not want to go back and compose new materials for the film, itself now 20 minutes shorter, Michael Kamen was called in to fill in the musical blanks. Kamen was an up-and-coming composer, having already completed scores for David Cronenberg (The Dead Zone) and Terry Gilliam (Brazil).
For more info and ordering of this limited release (only 3,000 copies), visit BuySoundtrax.

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